Thank You, Dear Poets Poem by Shannon Chapel

Thank You, Dear Poets

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Thank you to my poet friends
Whom I’ve met on this site.
Your inspiration never ends
Not morning, noon or night.

Your lovely words have made me smile
And some have made me cry.
I read your work, and all the while
My spirit’s flying high.

There’s Mary, C.J., Moya, too
And David Darbyshire.
There’s Ernestine, but I’m not through
More names I do require.

There’s Slimboydim and Denis Joe
And Jeremiah Shine.
There’s Herbert and Uriah, so
Each piece will be divine!

I’m sure there’s more whose work I love
Whose work has touched my soul.
But I’ve been robbed by those above
And each one’s played a role.

Each one of you have reached right through
This screen and stole my heart.
What you mean – I wish you knew
Mere words can not impart.

I thought that when I joined this site
That it would entertain.
But that was only partly right
Allow me to explain.

You’ve become real friends to me
Upon you I depend
To always write, thus guarantee
P.H. will never end.

So thank you so, my poet friends
You bring the world such joy
And in respect this poet sends
One I hope YOU’LL enjoy.


Uriah Hamilton 07 January 2006

I'm so honored that you just took the time to read my poems! ! Thanks for this super kind poem! ! !

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Cj Heck 07 January 2006

Shannon, this is a wonderful poem - your use of rhyme and meter work well! I thank you sincerely for including me in such a talented group. I feel honored. You are an integral part of this Poemhunter family, too, ya know. Much love and thanks, CJ

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John Tiong Chunghoo 07 January 2006

wow! ! good that you acknowledge people who inspired you.

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Jeremiah Shine 08 January 2006

wow, shannon! i'll say it again. i'm honored and bashful! all i did was mope! my offer still stands! thank you again for including me. you've touched me deeply. js

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Mary Nagy 07 January 2006

Shannon, this was perfect! I love rhyming poems (obviously) and this one had the flow of perfection! I feel the same way about all the folks here (you included!) It is strange but so true! This is so nice and I am very honored to get a mention. Sincerely, Mary

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Gina Onyemaechi 19 February 2006

That's how I feel about this site, Shannon, most of the people you name being amongst my favourites as well. Well, bless you, bless them, and bless all the other angels on this site. Warm regards, Gina.

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Denise Clark 30 January 2006

I thought you did an amazing job on this writing, Wow, I know it always feels nice to share your work and to read others and it is nice to have others to share our work with that really enjoy writing as much as ourselves...

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Ernestine Northover 08 January 2006

Sorry I missed this one Shannon, but last night, one of our dogs became ill and everything went haywire, so I didn't have anytime to read anything on Ph. This is a lovely poem indeed, I think it is hard to express how one feels about everyone on this site, they are all so 'smashing' and feel so 'family' it's really great. You have said all that in your poem which is lovely. Love Ernestine XXX PS Thanks for giving my name an 'airing' too!

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Slimboydim . 08 January 2006

I enjoyed reading your poem, to be mentioned in such company is very special. Thank you. I think it should be the other way round, because i look at your work for inspiration. Thank you. Kindest Regards Slim. x.

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Moya Levy 08 January 2006

WOW! ! Thank you so much Shannon! Remember that it goes both ways, I value you equally. A lovely poem and lovely tribute - thanks, Moyaxxx

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