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I've been alone in this isolation
No more irrigation, no more commotion
I can't reach the lines
'Cause something stops me, girdled with vines

I'll put on the box of memories
My first time to say 'I love you, Ma and Pa'
My first time to open my eyes in this world
My first time to cry breathlessly

I once been fragile and dull
Everytime you walk away, I became like futile doll
You didn’t even look at me and say “hi”
Ignoring my presence, I’m feeling like high

Everyone has its own variety of personalities
Different in every events and possibilities
Others may show who they really are
Others may hide who they really are

Embrace tightly the Fire
to burn-out all the doubts
that may trigger the negativity devour one’s life,
to lit up the seraphly confidence

Do you believe in 'Happy Ending'?
Coz for me it's unreal but I'm still hoping
That I might enter the world of fairytale
And might found my knight-and-shining-armor, like in tale

Days were walking promptly into the realms of year
The picture of reality clouded but for me it’s err
I just wanted to reminisce the single moments
So, I may put a string of memories to ease my vehement

Trees are a good example of man
Man of valor and of verge, result of a true man
The bold predicament of man is what trees having
And the way of life in trees is what we do living

I’ve been alone, feeling like abhorred
Just wanted to find someone but could not afford
Where could that someone? It was depressing
So I asked God, if He could give me something

Standing in the middle of nowhere
I should have to blare
To emancipate the pains inside of me
And move freely, facing the sun with glee

I can compare the beauty of my life in a rainbow
And I will laugh and day “oh”
‘Cause it’s perfect to have a comparison
Because my life is so colorful like the rainbow with reason


One day, he asked me
“What perfect gift will be? ”
I am sure that was for me
I answered, “Love of purity”.

Sitting here with loneliness
Out-casting my own consciousness
With the radio playing our song
Sounds of tear playing all along

Letting go of someone is obscure
And a right reason is a blur
Coz I hate goodbyes
That’s why I never sang lullabies

I used to love somebody
It’s always been him like nobody
Giving him all his satisfaction and prerogatives
That’s why, I’m so over protective

Am I right to end our nexus?
Just for a simple jealous?
But I need a protection
For my heart, not ventilation

“I’m rich! I’m rich” I shouted harshly
I can buy all things highly
People surround me will like me immediately
Mostly, no one would hate me intentionally

According to them, I’m ambitious
Yes, I am! I’ve got to be like that and be cautious
If not, I will never grasp my ambition
And I will be a dump loser with no emotion

Juno is a perfect model for a strong and passionate child and woman
She was totally broke and indeterminate, having an uncertain clan
Sowing for her living which was needed
Inspite of the downers outdoor and was outrageous, indeed

Waiting a rain to stop is highly ridiculous
Because flash of thoughts overflows
Thoughts of the morbid past
That I used to savage the nature of vast

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Life In Isolation

I've been alone in this isolation
No more irrigation, no more commotion
I can't reach the lines
'Cause something stops me, girdled with vines

They hate me for being me, that's the truth
Aloofness benumbing me, I take the booth
And I can't face them
With valor, fiesting my own modem

Teaching me the true meaning of outcast
And torture me in different way, to last
I can't cope with it
I am fragile, I hate to admit

Is there someone would like to extend hands?
Disappointing, nobody would, no more lands
To put a new life
That's the definition of my life

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