shiza khan Poems

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*i Belong To You*

i think of u every nite,
under the moonlit nite,
with the stars shining brightly,
reminds me of ur gentle smile,

*make Me Yours*

if i am a mystery,
u can solve me,
only with ur trust,
you can own me.

' Dilemma '

i feel the emptiness in me.
when it will last i m unaware of it
if it's the lifelong feeling..or just an illusion pertaining to be reality
i can't say anything about it

I'M Happy..

i was sad, and it conquered me for a while,
but i knew i had to get alive,
i went to the person who's my life,
and got all my replies,

- The Ultimate Desire -

the intense eyes reveal the hidden appetite,
the lips so seductive to have a bit of pie,
with the passion u see thru me makes me go wild
the luks so killing even the serial of killers wud die,

New Year. New Life :)

new year is here again,
with the rising sun and rain,
with all the past glooms in vain,
only with new hopes to gain,

For A Brother :)

whenever ur running out of time,
to complete your assignments,
you see no hope of getting on time,
but then u realize that there is someone,

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