*i Belong To You* Poem by shiza khan

*i Belong To You*

Rating: 2.8

i think of u every nite,
under the moonlit nite,
with the stars shining brightly,
reminds me of ur gentle smile,
ur passion, ur tenderness i feel,
is cherished every time,
wid all the passion u luv me,
i belong to u the whole life.


i like this one. i've had a guy i once thought this way about we were pretty close. but he's gone now. although i still love him!

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Priya kumar 19 January 2008

hey shiza..ur poems r really good....they have a gr8 inner meaning...i think who ever who reads ur poems would definetly remember thier lost luv

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 18 January 2008

A small but beautiful poem, that says it all.. come my love i am your all...

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Afzal Shauq 16 May 2009

a good romantic and rich poem done in poetic flow... liked it and I can say that you are good poet..and writing in a perfect way well done..hope my poems also touch your hearts...

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Ershad Mazumder 02 September 2008

Read all the love stories ever created by world literature. Like Laila Maznun, Shiri Farhad, Radha Krishna, Romeo Juliet etc.

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Greenwolfe 1962 30 August 2008

I liked this one too. It was a lot like the first. I think I might know what the problem may be. There is some lack of creativity. GW62

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Sarwar Chowdhury 08 August 2008

...heart-felt expression....10/10

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Shabash! ! ! You deserve a full 10.0 for this I guess your freshly baked verse has a hint of deja vu for most of us rehan

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