A Silent Place Poem by Sindiswa Nobuntu Ndamane

A Silent Place

Rating: 5.0

Where can it be where I found peace?
This world is full of lies,
It lies to me and my whole surroundings,
When I think sadness will never come
It is supersonic no one stops it
When I cry to myself no one hears me,
I battle to change my anxieties but,
They jump out wanting to be seen
I held it and I vowed to be eternally happy
But today being silent forever seems to be the way,
This is a time where I do not want to be happy,
No need to be sad because in a silent place is where I find rest,
In this world I lose people, who I love but who do not care about me,
I miss chances of fortune which gives hope
The dreams I had are gone and I'm forced to others,
I hardly have a say when I'm insulted,
That is why a silent place is better than a free land
There are no liberators talking of unchangeable change
No wars or who talk better than the other
Most importantly no conformity,
In a silent place it is where I lie with a smile endlessly.

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: liberty
Dr Antony Theodore 27 May 2016

In a silent place it is where I lie with a smile endlessly yes especially for a poet, silence is like gold. it is very very important in our lives. on the lap of silence is creativity. thank you my dear poet for this conviction which u are trying to spread. tony

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Sindiswa Ndamane 02 June 2016

yes indeed for poets a silent place is like gold thank you...

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Edward Kofi Louis 25 December 2015

Where can it be? ! But, with hope to find the way. Nice work.

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Sindiswa Ndamane 23 January 2016

thank you so much

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Sindiswa Ndamane 22 August 2015

Thank you...

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 02 October 2014

In a silent place I read your such a lovely poem. Beautifully written.

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