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Beautiful Blue Planet

Looking down at you, Planet-Earth,
I remember you, as a Beautiful-Blue.
Now, your oceans are Black-With-Oil,
Look closely, you know its true.

Your Rain-Forests are all gone now
And your ground is a sickly brown.
What-In-The-World, have They done to you
Pretty-Planet in the round.

Your White-Clouds once held Fresh-Water
Now they are filled with Acid-Rain.
Your plains are Barren-With-Erosion
They were once Overflowing-With-Grain.

When did your Clouds turn such Deathly-Gray,
Your air is Impossible-to-Breathe.
Didn't your, ...

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Use Just Twenty Lines

They said to use just 20 lines
And compose a poem to withstand time.
Only 18 now, What can I do?
To make a poem just for you
16 lines is not a lot
for telling you all the words I’ve got.
With only 14 lines to play
I must think of, What-to-say.
12 short lines, No-More, No–Less.