SJ. Sharkey

SJ. Sharkey Poems

1. Flaccid 6/4/2007
2. When The World Ends 6/4/2007
3. Deliverance From Misguidance 6/4/2007
4. Upheaval 6/4/2007
5. Nosferatu 6/4/2007
6. Contamination 6/4/2007
7. Whimper, Weep, Wail 6/4/2007
8. Infidelity 6/4/2007
9. Bona Fide Devotion 6/4/2007
10. Suspicion 6/4/2007
11. Amor Nel Cor (Love In My Heart) 6/4/2007
12. Heartbreak In Acoustic 6/4/2007
13. Oh, Misery! 6/4/2007
14. From Me To I 6/4/2007
15. The Old Clouds Of October 6/4/2007
16. Your Poem 6/4/2007
17. X & X 1/27/2008
18. Mirror Image 7/5/2012
19. Coffee & Gum 7/5/2012
20. From A Poet's Lips Lies Crept 7/13/2012
21. The Aftermath 7/19/2012
22. The Were Inside 8/7/2012
23. Speak To Me Of Honesty 3/26/2013
24. What Have I 4/12/2013

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When The World Ends

When The World Ends,
Collect your things and come meet me,
And we’ll watch the stars disappear.
Too bad for them that no-one else is here, but our love has kept us alive.
Turn around and see the city dive.
Pulled below the ocean floor.
Then swallowed whole as the waves wash away,
All that we used to live for.
Come to me and I’ll hold you tight.
We will survive this starless night.
I will keep you safe and warm.
We’ll rise up as the buildings fall.
As we pass the furious angels,
Destruction and Devastation in their way,
While far below the ...

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As I struggle through the rubble
I hear their cries of pain
I see flashes of our time together
And wish for some again
I feel the ground move under me
I don’t know where to turn
I see my little girl through steam
Her arm smoulders from a burn
I run to her with my arms held wide

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