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*i Need A Miracle....I Need U*

I used to have a happy life
But I seem to be missing something in my life
I feel so empy inside, without you
I don't even feel like me

Am I A Fool...To Fall In Love With You! ? .

Am I a fool...To fall in love with you
Yes, I know your perfect in everyway
But do you mean what you always say?
Do you really love me? ...or am I a fool...

(no Title)

Slowly wanting to die
It always makes me cry
Me just wishing to die
My entire life makes me cry: '(

*you Pick A Title*

I Have A Very Soft Heart
And When I Get Some1 I Love Upset
My Heart Just Starts Hurting So Badly Deep Down Inside
Makes Me Always Break Down And Cry

Break Free... /3

She hurts in some kinda way,
She drowns in her own pain,
She as so many mistakes, but still
She looks okay

I Cant Stop Thinking Of You =]

I cant stop thinking of you =]
When im happy or blue
I just miss talking to you
Your sexi voice I cant resist

Can'T Sleep Without You!

Without you by my side,
I cant help but stay awake all night,
I miss you holding me in your arms,
I miss your conversations,


*_*pleaze dont think of me as a fake
but im hiding my real personality
for my sake
you assume im happy but im not

*it's Not Over Yet! *(9-6-2010)

my life goes on day by day
I cry because i'm still alive
wishing all I could do is DIE! ! !
someone come & end

Confused Love

There is this guy
I love him wit all my heart
buht sumtyme tht juhst doesnt seem lyke enoqh)
I try to make iht work