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Break Free... /3

Rating: 2.7

She hurts in some kinda way,
She drowns in her own pain,
She as so many mistakes, but still
She looks okay
If you look closely into her eyes you'll,
See she is hiding behind a disguise,
She is definitely not fine,
Cuz her smile tells millions of deciding lies,
She is dying on the inside i can see,
Because i know that girl, I know who she is,

I know what she feels...
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I don't agree with Casey Geiger, I think this is a pretty good poem. Again, such emotion, I feel the pain. I know how it feels. I like the way you chose to express this.

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Chitra - 19 February 2010

break free every teenager wants to break free.. a spectrum of emotions reflected in these lines

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Lindo Mvelase 10 February 2010

most of the time when people look at us they see these happy smiling faces that we wear, hiding behind them all our heartrending emotions... but i like the way you out profiled yourself in this poem...., .coz sometimes thats what poetry is about, to interpret some pages of life that other people find hard to fathom.....nice poem... i really was engrossed throughout.

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 29 January 2010

Fantastic idea... just like a detective novel where we find the clue at the end. Dramatisation of a lyrical poem. Passionate and self-searching....Inside a person can die.... Only one question: Why are the poets of adolescent period or teenage look so gloomy in their poems? Depression?

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 27 January 2010

you displayed a trapped girl wanted to be free perfectly i think....the lies...the reflection...just perfect...i can relate..keep writing^^

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Christopher Tiganescu 27 January 2010

amazing u seem to have let your heart control your hand, and painted ur true emotions in words, very well done

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