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I used to have a happy life
But I seem to be missing something in my life
I feel so empy inside, without you
I don't even feel like me

Am I a fool...To fall in love with you
Yes, I know your perfect in everyway
But do you mean what you always say?
Do you really love me? ...or am I a fool...

Slowly wanting to die
It always makes me cry
Me just wishing to die
My entire life makes me cry: '(

I Have A Very Soft Heart
And When I Get Some1 I Love Upset
My Heart Just Starts Hurting So Badly Deep Down Inside
Makes Me Always Break Down And Cry

She hurts in some kinda way,
She drowns in her own pain,
She as so many mistakes, but still
She looks okay

I cant stop thinking of you =]
When im happy or blue
I just miss talking to you
Your sexi voice I cant resist

Without you by my side,
I cant help but stay awake all night,
I miss you holding me in your arms,
I miss your conversations,

*_*pleaze dont think of me as a fake
but im hiding my real personality
for my sake
you assume im happy but im not

my life goes on day by day
I cry because i'm still alive
wishing all I could do is DIE! ! !
someone come & end

There is this guy
I love him wit all my heart
buht sumtyme tht juhst doesnt seem lyke enoqh)
I try to make iht work

My time has come
For me to leave this earth
To go and leave my family
So I could be 6 feet deep

I need you
I need a fren 2 talk 2
I need a shoulder 2 cry on
I need a fren wit me at all tymes

when u once lived here
life was so much different
life was fun and kewl
life was always an adventure for me & u

My Beautiful Babii Gurl
Watching Yew Grow
Makes My Heart <3 FILL with A Bunch Of JOY! ! !
Hearing Yew Try & Talk

Crying in the DARK
Lonely N' sad: (
I sit in my room N think..
Think of my ENTIRE life! !

Yay! ! ! You Did It
You Made It All The Way
Now Your In The Class Of 2010
Dang It Pati...You Were Suppost To Be In...

U can't leave me.
Your my only sis, my real sis
Im lost without you by myside
If you go & join the other teen suicides

I know that we are young
And I know that you may love me
But I just can't be with you like this anymore

Ur my BESTIE 2 tha END
Yew Will ALWAYS no matter wuht
when i'm DOWN & low

WOW....some life I have....
NO matter where I go
I hate all the DRAMA and fights
Family and relationship PROBLEMS!

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Name: Ashley Simons Fav.Singers: : : 30H! 3, daddy yankee, sean paul, lady gaga, guccimane, chris brown, jay sean, ayo, paul wall, flo rida, pitbull, justin timberlake, timbaland, nickelback, sean kingston, omarion, nelly, nelly furtado, kutt calhaoun, baby bash, ciara, tech n9ne, eminem, jeremih, laze n royal, kid cudi, lil wayne, chamillionaire, shaggy, lil mama, kid rick, j kwon, gorilla zoe, fergie, akon, snoop dogg, t.i, dj unk, T pain, afroman, pretty ricky, yung joc, rihanna, chingy, jesse mccartney, cassie, usher, hinder, ace hood, trina, kesha, c-side, juvenile, ....AND MUCH MORE... fav: Bands: : : linkin park, bullet for my valentine, b2k, pussycat dolls, green day, good charlotte, metallica, hollywood undead,3oh! 3, ac/dc, black eye peas, theory of a dead man, all american rejects, mia, bone thugs n hormany, three 6 mafia, the fray, evanescence,3doors down, b5, disturbed, westside connection, three days grace, atomis kitten, slip knot, paramore, static lullaby, eiffel 65, the killers, panic at the disco, tlc, muse, ...AND A LIL MORE..... Style: I like to wear tight jeans and boy shirts..and sneakers or high tops....i like south pole, echo, reebok, and thats all i Ambition: i like to draw, write, paint, and dance...i have any talents but you can onl really notice a few of them... BOUT ME: i am 17 my birth date is 4-19-1993 and i live in Poplar Montana and i go to Poplar Indians High School.I attend the 11th going to graduate this year tho...i have brown eyes and hair..i look mexican but im really indian..i wanna go to college in Billings montana or in Utah....i like to party, dance, and wana 1 day make a music video... :) POPLAR INDIANS HIGH SCHOOL you can call meh but my nickname if yew want it iz smashley simons...thanxz =) I like going to parties and hangin with friends..but mainly my cuz'n tin tin kohl.. my fav kinda chips are HOT CHEETOES and DILL PICKLE. I <33 THE COLOR black....i live on the Fort Peck Reservation Im from eastern montana...ive went to only a few states like UTAH, WYOMING, COLORADO, IDAHO, NEW MEXICO, SOUTH DAKOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, MINNESOTA, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana Thats not many but hay...ive been places...oh and all over montana.... I LIKE BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, SOFT BALL....AND TRACK...BUT I NEVER JOIN SPORTS.. i love BLOODY whole like ive ssen blood in n blood out..went threw shxt so hell n back happy plan in my world...just heartbreak n more suffering....threw shoting and stabings im very suprised that im still alive....being r*ped n beatn my life had no meaning..until i found a site it exspress my unheard n family has no time for me like alone im my world...just hiding in the dark....more pain and suffering.=( but anyways if you like my bio or poems just addme as a fan...and i will add you to...or just leave a comment....=) just met my one will miss me except my love and fear have come to the final hour of my life...i need to die...because ive just been livin a complete lie.i think i should die bc there is nothing to live for....i have a h8teful 1 cares bout me...who even wants me here...i think everyone would like it better if i was dead...i write poems bc thats the only thing to get my mind off dying...but there wont b nothing to stop me anymore....; ()

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*i Need A Miracle....I Need U*

I used to have a happy life
But I seem to be missing something in my life
I feel so empy inside, without you
I don't even feel like me
I'm different now, I so have changed my ways
I'm not the innocent one anymore
I'm bad, sad, never very glad
Just one sad life
I need a miracle...I need you
To help me through the pain
I need you to be by myside
I will wait for the day
I get blessed with someone as special as you
To put a smile on my face
I wanna feel your warm embrace
To put me in a happy place
I need a miracle....I need you
To come be with me forever
Never, ever leave me, or let me go
I'll fall 1000 feet deep
To the darkness of an abyss
Without even a last kiss
Before my final breath
I need a miracle...I need you

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Lekshmi Menon 10 June 2011

diz caterpillar'll soon turn in2 a beautiful butterfly.........

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Justina Haner 29 March 2010

ur an amazin poet! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! loverz u besties

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Christopher Tiganescu 27 January 2010

We like some of same music and same depending on what mood, i think uve got some serious talent in poems, my family said i do too, but i dont think so, not like yours, yours are amaing, the more you write the better ull get, and keep writing from the heart not the mind, Good Job :)

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