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*i Need A Miracle....I Need U*

Rating: 2.8

I used to have a happy life
But I seem to be missing something in my life
I feel so empy inside, without you
I don't even feel like me
I'm different now, I so have changed my ways
I'm not the innocent one anymore
I'm bad, sad, never very glad
Just one sad life
I need a miracle...I need you
To help me through the pain

I need you to be by myside
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Iron Panda 23™ 18 March 2010

i <3 it! ! ! \^-^/ the way u wrote this had a flow that was sooo smoothe.... and it looks like it could be a saong :) 2300++

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Monique Brokencyde 18 March 2010

this is amazing i hoe you contue to rite=)

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Hope Anonymous 29 May 2010

I love it. I can relate to everyting. Good job

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Adam Smitherman 15 April 2010

I love this poem. It's so true. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Never stop! ! ! ! PLZ NEVER STOP WRITING! ! !

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 27 March 2010

i love this...i can relate to this poem in many ways...wonderul colors of love showing through...and a sadness like dark spots around the precious edges of what you hold dear...keep writing^^ it was a joy to read this one: p

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Wandering Scarlet 22 March 2010

very personal and raw. your projections on this poem are quite clear. as for your style, you seem to add a spice of order into your apparent chaotic writing. Well done =D

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Christopher Tiganescu 19 March 2010

very well done poem very nice very emotional good job :)

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