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Rating: 2.3

I Have A Very Soft Heart
And When I Get Some1 I Love Upset
My Heart Just Starts Hurting So Badly Deep Down Inside
Makes Me Always Break Down And Cry
I Try To Please My Family & Friends
But I Try Even Harder To Please My Boyfriend
Because Without Him I Am Nothing
So I Try All My Hardest Not To Do Anything Wrong
...But Just To Say That.....If I Ever Got Him Upset....
Then I Would Have To Try Even Harder..Not To Punish Myself...

I Cry&Think...If Im Really Making My Babe Happy?
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Casey Wiggins 11 May 2010

When I started looking for poems that described exactly what was going on with me and my life, I had no clue that this site would have them. This poem is exactly what's going on with my boyfriend and me and I just want him to know that I would do anything to make him happy. He has my whole heart and this poem says it all. So i give props to ya girl! I love it!

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Anthony Mcduffie 13 December 2011

Very emotional! And a fantastically great write! ! :) Good job! 10 out of 10! Keep those marvelous poems coming! ;)

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Romeo Della Valle 30 June 2011

Handcuffed to the chair of the past, it is not easy to get up and look for the key because the vivid memories still wandering throughout your heart and mind.Love becomes joy and pain. LOVE'S CONFESSION should be titled this heart touching, well penned and poignant write! Excellent! Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! If time permits, please read and enjoy any of my poems in PH and Poetfreak like this one below from PF http: //www.poetfreak.com/text/70306/who-am-i.html

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Eli Medina 28 October 2010

nice poem i love it, it has a rusty cage feel to it.......remember one thing- to live yr life on egg shells is no way to live...to love it not to do all things for one...but its also to tell them when there wrong as well.

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Robin Machorro 23 May 2010

i really like this poem alot it reminds me of me and my ex cuz i always hated when i made him sad or mad or upset i put all the blame on me and i always felt really bad so i can really relate to your poem keep up the good work :)

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Adam Reed 11 May 2010

wow ash you fell harrrd lol. now that really is helplessly in love. you seem like a nice person. remember now. he is supposed to try and make you happy too. you deserve no less :) . good writing keep it up!

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