Jawa The Loved Unloved Poem by Solomon Senxer

Jawa The Loved Unloved

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I was a vagabond until they took me in,
I was scared when my first day was to begin,
They said, "Everything's alright."
They named me Jawa, which I took cheerfully.
I greeted them lovingly and gratefully
In the morn, noon, and at night.

I thought they were angels
To help, and accommodate me!
I was wild, scruffy, and shabby,
Yet they chose me among many.
Never knew why they favored me,
I swore to be loyal.

Like the luck that came upon me,
Fate came to kick in misery -
A mysterious object wounded me!
They looked in pity, but couldn't help me.
Yes, why would they spend a dime
For a poor service like mine?

Undressed wound delighted flies in hum,
Rotten and stinky I had become.
I pled for my thirst to quench,
They could not withstand my stench,
They ordered me to get away,
With them, I could no longer stay.

I knew no door no gate would welcome me,
Even in my heyday, it was just me.
Yet I was hopeful against hope,
That they would let my pain to stop,
Before I close my eyes to silence,
For they were the group of great prudence.

Oh! I was just being ignorant!
To get rid of me they resort to violence,
I had become their notorious annoyance,
That I could never comprehend!
"Where are their former goodness and compassion? "
I wondered but dared not question their action.

I looked at them in disbelief and in tears,
They had been those I loved most in all sincerity.
The best days of my life were with them,
How could I just get away from those so dear?
I decided not to question their integrity,
I would rather blame the fate than them.

Painful, starving, dying I had been.
Yearned for a yard where I wouldn't be seen.
Shower of stones would be upon me,
Once I wandered out in open plains.
I lay down under a jackfruit tree,
Closed my eyes to forget all the pains.

Jawa The Loved Unloved
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: dog,homeless,suffering
A dog that lived in Sancoale, Goa, India. (2018)
Jazib Kamalvi 19 September 2018

Wow! Great poetry, Solomon. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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Chinedu Dike 27 September 2020

A poignant rendition nicely put together. Very passionately and movingly penned with strong emotions.

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Solomon Senxer 26 December 2020

Thank you Chinedu Dike for the kind words!

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2019

3 – This is a fine story and i'm sure will make some dog-lovers (& others) cry (or close to it) . there is little for me to 'complain about' here! To MyPoemList. Bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2019

2 - " pled" ok for " pleaded" though the latter is usually preferred it seems two favorite lines of many: " I knew no door no gate would welcome me, Even in my heyday, it was just me." [this poem sounds very familiar! ! ! ] stanza 5 'needs' work

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2019

1 - line 9: shabby and scruffy are very closely related. it's ok. probably better for clothing and people, not dogs. :) line 18: " service" i don't know such a usage. some slang or vernacular there? stanza 4: how about " flies which did hum" ? next line: " had become" keep the same verb tense here as above i say.

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Solomon Senxer 20 November 2019

Yikes! It should be " had become" Thank you, Bri!

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Denis Mair 15 September 2019

That's a sad story of how human affections blow hot and cold. Thanks for being awake to the pain and isolation suffered by a fellow creature.

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2019

one can stand only so much stink! ! ! then it is " out the door! ! ! " . besides, they may not have had the money to care for such a 'rotten' dog.

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Solomon Senxer 17 September 2019

Thank you for the comment, Denis Mair!

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