Solomon Senxer Poems

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Surely yes, a brother in Christ forever!
Could we be friends on Earth forever?

God's creation shows us the way-


You look for money,
I look for people;
You are paid for your job,
My work drained all I've got.

Jawa The Loved Unloved

I was a vagabond until they took me in,
I was scared when my first day was to begin,
They said, "Everything's alright."
They named me Jawa, which I took cheerfully.

Satan Vs God

Satan works all the time. (He works outside)
When I was praying, he was not intimidated
When I was resting, he did not give up
When I was sleeping, he was not complacent

Frost And I In The Wood

Five years ago in the wood stood I,
I shall be telling this with a sigh,
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in the wood, and I-

The Other Side Of Facebook

Billions of people are on Facebook
Are they in the book of life (Lifebook) ?
Thousands of users increasing in the former,
Numbers of people missing in the latter.

The Lovelorn

To let go I cannot,
To take in I dare not.
For you are such a mystery,
Wordless has been the history.


The trees that grow in a forest unnamed
Full of wonders but without a notice
They do not live for a name or the fame
Every day without a hesitation

Waiting On The Lord

The field is ripe and yellow
Willing and desirous I am to go
The sun is high up in the sky
Scores of men ahead as I look with a sigh.

Trusting God In Doubt

I cannot compare my anguish to others
For I believe theirs are greater than mine
But even mine, I cannot handle it,
Yet I long to help carry others' burden.

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