How Soon She Goes. (Tribute To My Dear Sister, Mngohol Tule) Poem by Solomon Terlumun Tule

How Soon She Goes. (Tribute To My Dear Sister, Mngohol Tule)

Rating: 5.0

How soon she goes
She grew like an olive branch
Tenderly nurtured and loved
Like a flower full of sap
Strong and agile she grew
Doing what men could do
Oh, how caring she was!
But life has shunned her fast
At noon she goes
Like a toad chased by a snake
Her race was not enough
Even her kinsmen aid wasn't enough
Earth has chased her away
And to forever land she goes
Oh, death swallowed her up
With no consultation to none
The grave forever has become her home
And forever she'll be missed
Oh, what a kind sister I miss!
Forever she's gone
Oh, how painful she goes
Like a prisoner convicted of crime
Like a Christmas goat she goes
With no choice the judgement she accepts
Who could bid her cause!
Oh, what fate hold for the branches!
If easily the trunk be cut
What a scar she leave on my soul
The mark can hardly erase
Until yonder call I answer.
Rest In Peace Dear Sister.

written in tears and pains on her wake keep on 15th March,2019, night time.
Sylvia Frances Chan 24 June 2021

5 Stars full for this very sad poem about the poet's sister's passing, at the moment of this poem, he was on her wake keep, but this poem is through all events a very sad poem that hurts and pains our hearts.

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Solomon Terlumun Tule 23 August 2021

Thanks for your concerned comments, ma'am Rose Marie

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 20 August 2021

Sometimes death comes like a thief in the night snatching our great treasure in just a wink of an eye. A beautiful poem full of images and metaphors. To my Poem List.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 20 August 2021

A well crafted tribute full of emotions. A reader could feel the pain of a brother who lost his beloved sister.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 20 August 2021

A deeply touching, poignant and moving poem. It brought tears to my eyes.

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Lasaad Tayeb 24 June 2021

Very well penned poem, a lot of great imagery and stunning symbolism, it deserves five stars please take a look at my page too. Thanks

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