Some Girl Poems

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An Identity

I had one once -
an identity
having one meant
the world to me -

Dreaming Of You

Sitting alone
with nothing to do
my mind starts to dance
as i picture you.

My Emotions

I read it the first time
and feel what you feel.
I forget this though
how unreal.

Take My Hand

Take my hand
and walk with me.
Show me all the things
I am meant to see.

Finding Love

love and friendship
go hand in hand
or will it take a wish
to make me understand

I Think Of You

You are my friend
You will always be
I think of you
And hope you think of me

Did You Ever.....

ever see a cherry tree blossom
ever watch the sunrise
ever savor that first sip of java
or for that matter enjoy a homemade pie?

Forever Last

on a moonlit night
the wind blows cold
i am thinking of you ~
i have nothing to hold

A Life Without You

Sometimes i wonder
what changes life would go through
if there had never come a time
for it to have you

Forever True

Every time I think of you
I think of a love so true
Even though we are world's apart
We are close in our hearts

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