An Identity Poem by Some Girl

An Identity

Rating: 3.9

I had one once -
an identity
having one meant
the world to me -
an identity
before it was
taken from me
i knew who i
was and who
i'd become
without it I
was no one -
lost identity
i no longer
understood the
meaning of life
i need it back -
my identity


Romeo Della Valle 18 July 2011

To know your real identity from day one but if through time one travels the long path of life and notices that things have really changed and one sees himself or herself in the mirror and surprisingly see a distorted mirror, then it is time to think and make changes to get back the original identity! This philosophy inspired me to write two poems titled: A CARBON COPE and WHO AM I? which I hope you can read and enjoy whenever time permits! As your write, is a well penned, poignant and reflective. A thought provoking write that caught my immediate attention! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World! Love and Peace for always! ...

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Mohammad Muzzammil 02 July 2011

Good poem by you that has deep meaning along with fine expression and nice selection of words. The identity of a man is very valuable and necessary for his belonging.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 27 August 2009

The awareness that identity is needed itself is an Identity. The needed and desired identity follows and envelops the individual.

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