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I had one once -
an identity
having one meant
the world to me -

Sitting alone
with nothing to do
my mind starts to dance
as i picture you.

I read it the first time
and feel what you feel.
I forget this though
how unreal.

Take my hand
and walk with me.
Show me all the things
I am meant to see.

love and friendship
go hand in hand
or will it take a wish
to make me understand

You are my friend
You will always be
I think of you
And hope you think of me

ever see a cherry tree blossom
ever watch the sunrise
ever savor that first sip of java
or for that matter enjoy a homemade pie?

on a moonlit night
the wind blows cold
i am thinking of you ~
i have nothing to hold

Sometimes i wonder
what changes life would go through
if there had never come a time
for it to have you

Every time I think of you
I think of a love so true
Even though we are world's apart
We are close in our hearts

Forever and a day
Seems like an eternity
But until love is lost
You will never know love to be

It's hard to say goodbye to time
it's hard to say goodbye to the past
time can't be bought with a nickel or dime
because much of it goes by too fast

these two words i say to you
i'm sorry
these two words have much to do
i'm sorry

I didn't forget you
You just moved on
It didn't make it less true
It was what we had to do

As I sit and stare
At the empty air
I reach for you
And you aren't there

It's been years since
you went away.
I knew you were going
but wanted you to stay.

i think of you
but do you care
i reach for you
it's empty air


i am not lost
i know where i want to be
i am not wandering
you are standing here in me

We met when things
Were not what they seemed
You added a joy
That I had never seen

it's been a long time
but i let you in
you took my hand
and the story begins

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Just some girl with something to say. nothing more than what she has written in her heart through the ink of life *** enjoy the life of another with their words)

The Best Poem Of Some Girl

An Identity

I had one once -
an identity
having one meant
the world to me -
an identity
before it was
taken from me
i knew who i
was and who
i'd become
without it I
was no one -
lost identity
i no longer
understood the
meaning of life
i need it back -
my identity


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Some Girl Popularity

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