Sonya Annita Song

Sonya Annita Song Poems

1. When Galaxies Cry 8/30/2013
2. What Will Be 11/27/2013
3. A Little Nutty 1/22/2014
4. Songs In Minor 5/6/2014
5. Unmasked 5/8/2014
6. The Hermit 5/20/2014
7. A Wish 5/24/2014
8. In Waves 5/25/2014
9. Those Who Judge 6/8/2014
10. Nothing Left 7/18/2014
11. Night Whispers 7/26/2014
12. Midnight Magic 8/16/2014
13. The Sky 9/3/2014
14. Nevermore 11/30/2014
15. Geometry 00 12/7/2016
16. Demons & Goblins 3/7/2018
17. Only Implied (A Shaky Free Verse) 3/7/2018
18. Of Course 3/7/2018
19. When Pigs Fly 3/8/2018
20. Words 3/8/2018
21. No One Else 3/8/2018
22. Farewell 3/8/2018
23. Hand In Hand 3/8/2018
24. Haunted 3/8/2018
25. Better To Be 3/14/2018
26. Petals Of Death 5/8/2018
27. The Gift Of Laughter 5/8/2018

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Best Poem of Sonya Annita Song

What Will Be

I fell in love the other day.
You didn't notice me.
But that's okay, I told myself,
What's meant to be will be.

I made a note of where you sat
Each morning on the bus
And dreamt of watching stars at night
As they winked down at us.

I thought it fate when our eyes met
For surely this was it!
You'd beckon me with bashful nod
And happily I'd sit.

Not on your lap, of course - I wish!
I mused with wistful sigh.
But nothing more came of this glance,
And so the chance went by.

So every day for two more months
I watched you on the ...

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A Little Nutty

Peanut butter was a guy
Who never compromised,
For surely, he thought,
No one could be nuttier than I.

As king of all the nuts
You'd find him almost everywhere -
Sometimes lurking in your fridge
Or nibbling on your hair.

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