Sonya Annita Song

Sonya Annita Song Poems

1. A Little Nutty 1/22/2014
2. Songs In Minor 5/6/2014
3. In Waves 5/25/2014
4. Night Whispers 7/26/2014
5. Midnight Magic 8/16/2014
6. The Sky 9/3/2014
7. Nevermore 11/30/2014
8. Demons & Goblins 3/7/2018
9. Of Course 3/7/2018
10. Words -new- 3/8/2018
11. No One Else -new- 3/8/2018
12. Farewell -new- 3/8/2018
13. Hand In Hand -new- 3/8/2018
14. Sheet Music -new- 3/11/2018
15. Exchanging Space -new- 3/11/2018
16. Better To Be -new- 3/14/2018
17. When Pigs Fly -new- 3/8/2018
18. Only Implied (A Shaky Free Verse) 3/7/2018
19. Geometry 00 12/7/2016
20. The Hermit 5/20/2014
21. What Will Be 11/27/2013
22. A Wish 5/24/2014
23. Those Who Judge 6/8/2014
24. Haunted -new- 3/8/2018
25. Unmasked 5/8/2014
26. When Galaxies Cry 8/30/2013

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Best Poem of Sonya Annita Song

When Galaxies Cry

When galaxies cry,
The tears that they shed
Are showers of light we see overhead
That leave us in awe
As we touch our cheeks,
Speechless but listening
When radiance speaks.

So gaze at the sky
When stars shoot above
And hear as they make their statements of love,
For they long to be heard
In the vacuum of space,
Stardrops streaming down
A celestial face.

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Demons & Goblins

You speak of angels; I'll speak of demons,
The kind that haunt a tortured mind.
You talk of faeries; I'll talk of goblins
Who feed on kindness unconfined.

You write of aliens; I'll write of terrestrials
Who walk this earth in sullen state.
You hint at mystery and whisper of history,
As I brood o'er my wretched fate.

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