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Born on 29th, December,1997, Gobardanga, Kolkata, India. It was Monday, the day of my birth, a busy day after weakened, so why there ia a laziness in me, effects of weakened but with the inspiration of a busy official Monday, I get more pleasure in work than sleep.I'm from a middle-class family, though wanted to do many things but life has turned d ...

Sourav Roy Poems

That Love

The world's oldest mother;
You are in silence, silent thou!
I'm still thinking about the way I am going.
Silent, that's a bit dull, full with hate of love


The day you took my hand on you
Said, the feelings were incomprehensible;
Didn't understand, was very crazy then as for
Love, which I do so, much for you.

How Many Colors Are You?

Oh Spring! when the wings are made, the dead
Perhaps, have been coloured;
Of course, from my orifice to bone marrow,
There is still thrilling, making their abbey.

Last Afternoon Involved In Love

Give me the last afternoon of your showery day
Tired birds return home today,
The dust of the quiet path will fly today again
A little bit better than a lot

To Thy Psyche

Today I'm saying, what
You teach me -
I'm feeling - afore my fate,
After you kiss me.

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25 September 2017

It's your eyes, That's like for me sunrise; Which I realise, So I love you likewise; And thus you are personalise, And thus you make me immortalised. _ Sourav Roy

12 October 2017

'Living in a fictitious WORLD, though everything is not fictional... So, cut down, be bloody, dreams should have been crushed, but destiny must be potential.'

15 October 2017

'Fears! ! ! Who cares? I'm Just losing tears Caz everyone is good players. Ruining love sick lovers...'

18 October 2017

Many things to say, heart want but mind doesn't. Then silence is better, Have to be a good actor not narrator.

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