Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Sports Poems

Sports 1 - Football Fever

Game of forward motion, kick, score,
Game of vibrant commotion, quick, dare,
Game of active promotion, lively, exciting.
Game of euphoric emotion, delightful, cheering!

Sports 5 - Neeraj Chopra - the Dynamic Athlete

It was a super Saturday,
When Neeraj Chopra,
The handsome boy from Panipat
Stole millions of hearts in India,

Sports 6 - neeraj Chopra - An Inspiring Story!

Just a decade ago - in 2011,
Neeraj Chopra was an obese boy,
An awkward thirteen year old, from Panipat.
He was ashamed of his weight,

Sports 9 - Food & Football - What Fun!

Food and Football
Fantastic combination,
Fans excited, thrilled,
Fun filled evening!

Sports 7 - Federer Bows Down With Grace

Roger Federer - The Tennis champion
Bid a tearful goodbye to millions of his fans
Spread all over the world,
With a doubles match, at A2 Arena,

Sports 10 - The Dance Of Victory For Argentina

It was a fairy tale ending for Argentina,
When they won the FiFA World Cup 2022,
In one of the most exciting matches ever played,
In Qatar, witnessed by the beaming fans of football!

Sports 3 - Adorable Roger Federer - The Gentleman Of Tennis

Roger Federer
A name that is source of delight
To the world of Sports,
A classic player

Sports 4 - Diego Maradona - The Mesmerising Football Player

Maradona, who mesmerised the world with his
Magnificent game of football,
Adored by millions of fans,
Admired world over for his skill and brilliance,

Sports 2 - Scale Of Croatia's Achievement

FIFA 2018 Football sprung many surprises,
Big names like Brazil and Spain made an early exit;
Behold! A small nation like Croatia emerged in style,
Fully prepared, persistent, punching the ball to score goals.

Sports 8 -The Football Arabian Nights

The haunting tales of Arabian nights
Unfolds in the buzzing Doha in Qatar,
With intriguing Football matches -
World Cup - FIFA 2022.

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