Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Sports Poems

Sports 5 - Neeraj Chopra - the Dynamic Athlete

It was a super Saturday,
When Neeraj Chopra,
The handsome boy from Panipat
Stole millions of hearts in India,

Sports 6 - neeraj Chopra - An Inspiring Story!

Just a decade ago - in 2011,
Neeraj Chopra was an obese boy,
An awkward thirteen year old, from Panipat.
He was ashamed of his weight,

Sports 1 - Football Fever 2018

Strike the ball in speedy split seconds,
Snap and chase the ball like life's only chance,
Get the ball in space defying moments,
Grab the goal like a miraculous dance.

Sports 3 - Adorable Roger Federer - The Gentleman Of Tennis

Roger Federer
A name that is source of delight
To the world of Sports,
A classic player

Sports 4 - Diego Maradona - The Mesmerising Football Player

Maradona, who mesmerised the world with his
Magnificent game of football,
Adored by millions of fans,
Admired world over for his skill and brilliance,

Sports 2 - Scale Of Croatia's Achievement

FIFA 2018 Football sprung many surprises,
Big names like Brazil and Spain made an early exit;
Behold! A small nation like Croatia emerged in style,
Fully prepared, persistent, punching the ball to score goals.

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