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The Lesson Of Life

You danced to your mind's command
And wasted your time- a treasure,
Now suffer, unable to meet day's demand,
And pray to suffice needs and pleasure.
Oh! What was wrong with you then?

You never thought of days to come,
And enjoyed the pleasure of present.
Now look at you, so wearisome!
Lying alone in this broken tent!
Oh! What was wrong with you then?

Friends loved you for you were extravagant,
They supported all your acts, foolish ones too.
And now, you are on this dull pavement,
They are least bothered to turn at you.
Oh! What was wrong with you then?

You had those sweet pretty faces around,
Making the poor guys envy you.
Now you are a broken, starving hound.
And they don't even remember you.
Oh! What was wrong with you then?

Look! Days are good and days are bad!
Work with plans for future, be wise.
Do not dance to your mind's command.
You'll have better days, better wealth to suffice;
Oh! What is wrong with you now?
Come on! Work wise and to the needy be nice.
Learn it my friend- "The Lesson of Life"

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Nayaz pasha 09 July 2018

I need help for friends

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