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In the moonless night
I wish upon a star for his return.
She blinks as an answer like
She hesitates.

Tiny little
Why don't you
Raise your eyes.

Can you understand my silence?
I implore you, to listen.
Not when I speak.
I m not myself I talk.

No matter how many
friend I have,

No matter how much

I will love you
Every morning
Each night
Under the endless sky

When life begins to hurt
Look for ways to heal
Look for the positives where
There are negatives.

She was messy but brilliant,
Her weakness were her strengths,
Her sensitivity built her up
And other times destroyed her.

Don't think I forgot you
Just have a look
Towards sky!
My tears will be a

I always wonder if you will be part of my future
Will you know what I did with my life?
If I made it through the pain and the struggles?
Will I know if your dreams ever came true

If you find me
It won't be among the
Endless hustle.

My soul guides me to the
Place I need to be
It shall take me where
Is my greatest need.

When I see you,
The world stops.
It stops and all that
Exists for me.

Take a deep breathe.
Quieten your mind.
Listen quietly
To your soul speaking.

I decide to leave you,
The entire universe
Tells me to love you,

You think you are weak?
Your words can build bridges
You think you are small?
Your words can fill minds

Death will come to you
The very moment when you're of no use
When you've nothing to give
When no one needs you.

I dont want to be fair and lovely
I want my mind to be as vast as the
Black night sky.
I want my thoughts to be like the

And when I was going to
Take a break from everyone,
He entered into my life.
Like the hurricane that

Am I like you?
Are you like me?
No, you weren't meant to be.

Now that I'm broken
My heart is many pieces
My will broken
How do I put myself together again?

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She Sadly Cries For Me

In the moonless night
I wish upon a star for his return.
She blinks as an answer like
She hesitates.
I wish her to ask the wind to whisper
at his ear that I await with hope.
She says " you should know as you've
not heard from him for so long.
he might already settle down"
I tell her the reason is I can't find
someone like him.
She blinks again like
to let her tears out as the rain starts to fall
She sadly cries for me.

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Sasuke 17 February 2021

Nice and really a new think

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Sasuke 17 February 2021

Really awesome and heart touching poet

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Jamir ali 10 February 2021

Awesome topic.....i love this poets

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Priyanka 12 July 2020

really I can't believe it.. Sru.. all r different meaning full Amazing...

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Srushti Dodamani Quotes

A happy heart never lose anyone

Everytime a wound heal it..leaves a scars A symbol for what you learned thought it

Even difference can't separate us if we're bonded

People they really love you will always Find a way back to you

If you get a opportunity Touch the sky

In childhood everyone use to ask what u will become... But now I got the answer that I want to become a child again

The reality of people will come to know in our harder times

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Srushti Dodamani Popularity

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