Srushti Dodamani

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31 July 2020

A happy heart never lose anyone

31 July 2020

Everytime a wound heal it..leaves a scars A symbol for what you learned thought it

31 July 2020

Even difference can't separate us if we're bonded

31 July 2020

People they really love you will always Find a way back to you

31 July 2020

If you get a opportunity Touch the sky

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Sasuke 17 February 2021

Nice and really a new think

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Sasuke 17 February 2021

Really awesome and heart touching poet

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Jamir ali 10 February 2021

Awesome topic.....i love this poets

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Priyanka 12 July 2020

really I can't believe it.. Sru.. all r different meaning full Amazing...

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The Best Poem Of Srushti Dodamani

She Sadly Cries For Me

In the moonless night
I wish upon a star for his return.
She blinks as an answer like
She hesitates.
I wish her to ask the wind to whisper
at his ear that I await with hope.
She says " you should know as you've
not heard from him for so long.
he might already settle down"
I tell her the reason is I can't find
someone like him.
She blinks again like
to let her tears out as the rain starts to fall
She sadly cries for me.

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