The Love Letter

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Your voice gives me butterflies
Your laugh makes me smile
I care about you dearly
Though I've known you for a while

Of your identity
I will not speak
No not a whisper
Not even a peep

With words
I will attempt to describe
The true feelings
That dwell inside

Thou knowest who you are
Yes you surely do
But if you will spare me a couple words
At the most a few
I will give you an idea
Of what I know is true

You are my candlelight
When every direction is the same
Your my shining star
My undieng flame

So with that I will end
No not continue on
Because by now I'm sure you get
That I am truely fond.

With the deepest admire,
Yours Truly

Ben Bergeth 12 September 2008

wow, this is one beautiful poem. who is it about?

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Desiree Burdick 29 December 2008

such a sweet poem......................

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Sarwar Chowdhury 28 October 2008

L O V E L Y love letter written with much love....10+++

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Emily Oldham 25 October 2008

nice... keep writing...

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Very nicely written. It shows how much you really care about Ben Bergeth. Wonderful job! Keep writing! Peace out, Lexi Baby

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Ben Bergeth 15 September 2008

well, thats a tough one. i give up. who?

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