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It begins as a tinkling,
glowing feeling.
Swelling within you;
growing inside

there are many things in life
that can make the heart
be more
of a whole

I wish you would leave
let my body be at peace
Release my mind!
from its caged existance

You say you love me
This i know is true
though it is rarely shown by you
It's not something you hear

What if a butterfly
became a catepillar
- would you recognise it?
it being beautiful no more


Cast torn upon the roadside
Lying broken in contemplation
Thoughts flowing through my head

Such a strange emotion
Can have you in tears at the slightest word
A misinterpreted phrase
or gesture

as my tears scream to be let loose
you pretend to be sorry
when you open a door
only a crack

For you that I love
I would plunge myself into the deep unknown
and hope that love alone
would be enough to keep me afloat.

the days and hours before a thunderstorm
torture me as much with its promise of drops
as with the energy soaking the air

As I walked away
With your heart in my hands
Mine was tortured
By your look of misery

Torn between darkness and light
In the darkness you can hide
creep away into yourself
It's where you're safe


indecision is the precipice of a cliff
miscalculation the crevice below

one wrong thought or idea

when you see me
pass me by
but pass quietly,
slowly and carefully

this silence
crushing in on me
from all sides
it seems unimaginable

love is a story that lasts a lifetime
that fills a book
completes the epilogue
and begins again

You are the thing inside me
The thing that hurts
The thing that cries
far below the surface you reside

That time could leap-frog
and life itself hop forward.

It's amazing how from confusion

You stand at the house's threshold
Considering the weather outside.

Your face inches from theirs

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Blank Pages Before You

It begins as a tinkling,
glowing feeling.
Swelling within you;
growing inside
and gathering to its own
life and body

Changing shape.
From feelings to ideas
and building its limbs
from words.

Finally it bursts forth.
Taking a life of its own
on the blank pages
before you.

date unknown

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Sharmila Martin 25 April 2006

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your writing. The emotion that you layed out I was able to identify with on many levels.. I am still trying to hone my skills so if you could look at some of my poems & give me feed back I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks

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