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Blank Pages Before You

It begins as a tinkling,
glowing feeling.
Swelling within you;
growing inside

Empty Spaces

there are many things in life
that can make the heart
be more
of a whole


You say you love me
This i know is true
though it is rarely shown by you
It's not something you hear

Release My Mind

I wish you would leave
let my body be at peace
Release my mind!
from its caged existance

Would You Recognise It

What if a butterfly
became a catepillar
- would you recognise it?
it being beautiful no more

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Sharmila Martin 25 April 2006

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your writing. The emotion that you layed out I was able to identify with on many levels.. I am still trying to hone my skills so if you could look at some of my poems & give me feed back I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks

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