Sue Sie Poems

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Background Of Strength

Still and silent I wait....
This background takes me in
I blend unnoticed but with care
In mind and spirit I am there

A Look Back

Time has come to leave
Memories of the now, past
To see again, I look back inside
How time went fast

Ride Of Care

Thoughts are deep at times
When alone on that ride
Through the tunnels and round the bend
Can my presence help it send


Walls come crashing down
Around me lost in shattered frown
Floor caves in and falls away
From beneath my feet

To Comfort You...My Dearest Friend

I will always be here to try and comfort you
Take the sadness away that you feel
A heavy heart sinks deep
Because now it has all come real

An Observation

Two Angels asleep, resting
In dreams of memories of the past
This room is the now, when things are real
So many emotions exploding to feel

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