To Comfort You...My Dearest Friend Poem by Sue Sie

To Comfort You...My Dearest Friend

I will always be here to try and comfort you
Take the sadness away that you feel
A heavy heart sinks deep
Because now it has all come real
Hours of waiting..lack of sleep
Overwhelming fear has been reached
My arms will hold you tight
As the barriers have been breached
Walls disappear now for you, light shows the way
Open the door and release the pain
For tomorrow becomes the first day
If I had wings I would fly
All the tears we cry
Catch them and hold them close
Mixed with love and care, the most
Aching hearts will grieve
Let me take the weight.... and believe
My friendship will stay forever
I will always be here to try and comfort you

This is a dedication to Fiona and PJ...
From my heart with all my Love xx

Fay Slimm 02 September 2009

A beautiful assurance of friendship Sue - and am very sure it is appreciated - with you all in spirit - - from Fay.

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Lynda Robson 01 September 2009

What a lovely friend you are, this bought tears to my eyes, and Fi, hope all is ok, 10 Lynda xx

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Fiona Davidson 01 September 2009

Thank you so much Sue...You have given me so much comfort...Fi

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Sue Sie

Sue Sie

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