A Look Back Poem by Sue Sie

A Look Back

Time has come to leave
Memories of the now, past
To see again, I look back inside
How time went fast
Cherish the moment
To care too much
That one last touch
A word spoke of kindness
Knowing it will be the last
Memories of the now, past
Leaves in sadness
Thoughts of what were
In a distance too far

Andrew mark Wilkinson 05 August 2009

Memories are nice Sue, but we must also live in the here and now.. :) 10

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glad to read something like that...and would like to read some more of such work.

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Yelena M. 25 August 2009

Deep and introspective...past time well expressed in poetic lines..Thanks for sharing, Sue. Yelena M.

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Ruth Walters 21 August 2009

Leaving, that final farewell, so painful and sad.....so well portrayed in this poem Ruthy

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Tsira Goge 06 August 2009

Sue, You beautifully write... Memoirs one party of our life, expectation the future-another.... On third we live with about..10... Best wishes, Tsira

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Fiona Davidson 05 August 2009

Memories are made They never leave our hearts All we have to do is look Inside to touch their traces Gold and silver threaded We hold them close to us Precious as diamonds These pictures in our minds excellent write Sue....Fi 10+++++

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