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Love is seldom getting mad
Love is giving all you had
Love is taking moonlit walks
Love is sharing private thoughts

I'm fat, I'm fat
We can't have that.
I want to be thin
Cuz thin is in.

Jeremiah NEVER was a bullfrog
But he WAS a good friend of mine.
Jeremiah REALLY is a bulldog
And of this thing I did decide:

Somebody please put out the fire-
These hot flashes are something I don't desire.
Oh God, why is this happening to me?
These hot flashes are turning me into

Flattery will get you nowhere
Butt flatulence is different
Bottle it and sell it
And try not to inhale it.

Neat freak freakin' out:
This describes my husband- there is no doubt
That he drives me utterly deranged
With all his nit-pickin'

Verse One:

Never quite good enough is quite good enough for me.
It's not my damn fault that he was abused

Those possible impossibilities
They cloud my brain
With all sorts of uncertainties...
How can there be such a thing as infinity? -

Verse 1:
Have you ever looked at God's beauty
sent from Heaven above?
Have you ever looked at God's beauty

I had a pet toad
His name was Frank.
He walked pigeon-toed-
That's why he drank.

God bless the frogs and the pollywogs-
For they are becoming rare.
God bless the frogs and the pollywogs-
Can we find someone who cares?

Disgusting Fatbody
Will somebody
Stop this movie!

(with apologies to The Beatles)

Hey dude, it's not so bad

Verse one:
Harry pondered about what he would write that day
For the newspaper column that he wrote
He thought about his dead son and knew what he would say

Disposable society...
Throw it all away
We've got unlimited resources
That's our distorted reality.


Fish, fish, fish,
I wish...
I double wish-
I were a fish.

Verse One:

I've had a hard old life
Oh yes- it is true

Verse one:
Hard Knocks University
Where knowledge is high-priced
No professors or lecture halls

Want to have some fun? ...
Then make a run
To the zoo.

Susan Sparks Biography

I have three grown children and five grandchildren. I graduated from Oklahoma University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Emphasis in Accounting. In 1990 I became an unpaid humor columnist at The Cleveland County Record in Noble, Oklahoma. While there, two of my columns won first place in the Oklahoma Press Association Better Newspaper Contest under personal columns in my newspaper's division. I started writing poetry and song lyrics seriously in October of 2003.)

The Best Poem Of Susan Sparks

What Is Love?

Love is seldom getting mad
Love is giving all you had
Love is taking moonlit walks
Love is sharing private thoughts

Love is sweet and innocent
Love is always Heaven sent
Love is smelling sweet perfume
Love is watching a cartoon

Love is acting like two kids
Love is shutting toilet lids
Love is turning off the light
Love is vowing not to fight

True love is never ending
Love is never condescending
Love is never talking down
True love makes the world go 'round

Love is dressing up real nice
Love is never thinking twice
Love does special things for you
Love is true and made for two

Love is frilly underwear
Love is fixing up your hair
Love is losing your appetite
Love is always looking great

True love lasts to Infinity
True love lasts for Eternity
True Love never goes away
I know love is here to stay

Love is fresh-picked wild flowers
Love is April and May showers
Love is funny greeting cards
Love is purple leotards

Love is a slow dance
Love is lots of 2nd chances
Love is calling when you're late
Love is flavored Coffee Mate

Love is roller-coaster rides
Love is giant water slides
Love is bicycles built for two
Love is me & love is you

Love is walking in the rain
Holding hands, singing a refrain
Love is romping on the beach
Love is never out of reach

Love is great joy
Love is "Oh boy! "
Love is a sly grin
Love ain't no sin

Love is a silly song
Nope—love is never wrong
Love is never long enough
Love is sharing your best stuff

Love is a great big surprise
Love is watching the sun rise
Love is wishing upon a star
Love is riding in the car

Love is playing tricks on you
Love is hoping you don't sue
Love is never growing old
Love is color; love is bold

Love is trying to please you
Love is strolling through the zoo
Love is never getting bored
Love is love down to the core

Love is the apple of my eye
Love is that gentle sigh
Love is letting you go first
Love is smiling through the worst

Love is writing love duets
Love is eating crepe Suzettes
Love is singing long love songs
True love is love that lasts as long.

What is Love?
There's no set definition
Even Webster had to guess
The one thing certain, though
Is when you find it-
You'll be Eternally, unequivocally 'blest.

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