sylvia spencer Poems

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A Bats Tale

Dark shapes flitter in the dusk sky
but they are mammals, so why do they fly
The little furry flitter mouse that makes you jump
that clings on to a branch in one solid lump

A Basket Of Goodies

Why do the the people call you Crabby
is it because your clothes are shabby.
Why have the people called you this awful name
I think their at fault and you are not to blame.

A Water Lord

See him hover, over river and pond
just like a fairy waving a wand. He looks
quite stunning this graceful thing, flying
around on brightly coloured wing.

A Field That Saw A War

I have looked into history,
and seen a field.
It's a field where, no wheat will yield.
It's a field that saw a bloody war.

A Life Of A Coathanger

'What is she wearing tonight my friend! 'How the hell do I know
I am always at the end, it's just my luck when she buys something
new, I get shoved to the end of the queue.It's all right for you my
friends you get a weekly check, but poor old me has to hang in

Cracker Jack (The Story Of A Race Horse)

Poor old Cracker stands all alone cold, hungry
and chilled to the bone, in a muddy medow
that is now his home.This chestnut brown horse
was once the pride of the race course, with his

Countryside Sentiment.

I love to walk, down country lanes,
and listen to the sound of nature's call.
I do this from the start of spring,
right up to the fall.


I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused,
then Mum says' go back to school!
.'Oh! but Mum, do I have to,
everyone can be so cruel! So back to school

Treasured Friends

Off to war, went two young men one named Jack,
and the other Ben. Jack was strong a fierce fighting man,
where Ben was weak and always ran. Jack would cover him,
when the going got rough, but poor old Ben could never get tough.

A Bricklayers Lament

I know an old tradesman who worked with sand and cement.
Now the story I am going to tell you turned out to be his lament.
His work was done to perfection built from row to row and he was
the very best bricky, the best you will ever know. when a job