A Life Of A Coathanger Poem by sylvia spencer

A Life Of A Coathanger

Rating: 5.0

'What is she wearing tonight my friend! 'How the hell do I know
I am always at the end, it's just my luck when she buys something
new, I get shoved to the end of the queue.It's all right for you my
friends you get a weekly check, but poor old me has to hang in
here by the neck.
If nothing goes right with her hair or her hide,
she chucks me in the wardrobe and locks me inside.
You live in drawers that are kept nice and fresh,
but I have to hold up her smelly old dress.
That perfume she uses just makes me gag
and you should smell the tobacco when she's had a fag. when
madams in a hurry and she can't be bothered with the door,
she strips me down completely then chucks me on the floor.
One night she came home as drunk as a sack,
she came flying through the door and nearly broke my back.
Her foot got caught in my wire frame then she threw me at the wall,
as If I was to blame.I have been used and abused
and so as my mates.especialy when she goes on
those dreadful blind dates.We all hate it when
she has a clear out, because we all have to say goodbye.
Only there is just a few of us that will get a second try.
Well goodbye to you all, it's my turn on the road I suppose that has
become the coat hanger code.Chucked in a black bag with all
old bits of rag, accompanied by the smell of a dirty old fag
I am now at a jumble sale and hanging on a rack, holding
up a dress that looks like a sack. Where do I go from here,
that's what's going through my brain. I suppose I'll end up poking
out someone's drain. Were not much good as a hanger,
once we go past our best, but the poor old metal coat hanger has
surely been put to the test.

Scarlett Treat 01 June 2006

Not to mention the ones that get cut open, have a hot dog stuck on their ends and get STUCK IN THE FIRE! ! ! ! ! Funny write, Rosie!

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Francesca Johnson 01 June 2006

Well I'd pull you out into a circle, tie sprigs of spruce and holly all around you, stick on a few red berries and a silver ball or two, and hang you on my door to celebrate your birthday! Nicely written, as always, Sylvia, and so original.... Love, Fran xx

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Sandra Fowler 01 June 2006

A true Sylvia Spencer original. Written with style, warmth and wit. I love it! Warm regards, Sandra

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Lisa Wilkinson 01 June 2006

This really tickled me Sylvie, keep them coming.10/10. Keep in touch by email, Lisax

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Dee Daffodil 11 September 2006

Sylvia...It's not everyone who can give a coat hanger life, but you certainly did! ! Well done! Hugs, Dee

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Suchoon Mo 15 June 2006

I am thinking of a coat hanger hanging herself. An elegy. A tragic demise of a hanging naked coat hanger.

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Ernestine Northover 07 June 2006

I must admit I've got a pretty motley 'crew' of coathangers, some are even stuck together with sticking plasters, and that's the truth. I suppose I shall have to start feeling sorry for them now I've read this. Lovely. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 06 June 2006

Indeed they have, The way you have humanised a simple house hold item, we feeling so sorry for it, now this is talent! Love to you Sis Love Duncan X

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Deanna More 04 June 2006

The ability to give animated life to an inanimate object- (in verse) ...is a gift and Sylvia, you do it so well. This poem is hilarious. Your imagination is as huge as the Universe, itself. A true fan, Deanna xx ..

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