A Field That Saw A War Poem by sylvia spencer

A Field That Saw A War

Rating: 4.4

I have looked into history,
and seen a field.
It's a field where, no wheat will yield.
It's a field that saw a bloody war.
a war to which,
there has been none before.
Where is this field,
where now the poppy grows,
that's rich in scent,
when the warm wind blows.
It was once a green pasture,
known as Flander's Field!
but is now the field,
where no wheat will yield.
So rich in red,
when the poppy blooms.
Among the crosses,
of soldiers tombs.
This field of honour,
to remember the dead.
Where The Twenty Third Psalm,
was so often said.
In this battle scared field,
that was once, No Mans Land!
men fought with courage,
with the help of Gods hand.
The carnage and the death,
that was within this hell fire,
Their only protection, were trenches,
bayonets and barbed wire.
Men charged to the sound,
of the Battle Cry!
Not one of them knowing,
if it was their last good bye.
Thousand's died within this field,
this field where,
no wheat will yield.
Dressed in medals,
are the men that survived,
what thoughts do they share,
of their comrades that died,
In a field that saw a Bloody War,
one that could be heard,
as far as England's shore.
This then is the field,
where no wheat will yield,
yet still the poppy grows,
so rich in scent,
when the warm wind blows.

Herbert Nehrlich1 22 February 2006

Excellent, Sylvie. I truly enjoyed it. Not a word too many. Best Herbert

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Bruce Bigelow 22 February 2006

My god sylvia...such a beautiful tribute to such a horrible event. You must have spent some time there...Bruce

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Duncan Wyllie 25 February 2006

Such deep peace after such darkness, you have given the reader calm with your words.This poem reminds me of the song called 'Brothers In Arms 'by Dia Straights and amazing piece of heartfelt poetry and song.Love Duncan

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Tomás O Cárthaigh 06 March 2006

Well written poem about our tragic past.

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Laura Green 30 August 2006

An excellent tribute to the war to end all wars (well, one of them) . Very well versed. I like the way it appears to show that even after such darkness peace and beauty can still rise from the ashes. Nicely written

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Ernestine Northover 07 June 2006

Wonderful write Sylvia, a lovely read, albiet sad, but very well constructed. Love Ernestine XXX

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Janice Brodie 08 April 2006

Thanks so much for your recent review, and this poem, a field that saw a war is totally awesome, I especially liked how you mentioned the 23rd psalm! God bless you, Love Janne*

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Sid John Gardner. 09 March 2006

Sylvia have you read my 'Dark Mantle Of Death 1917'.The occasion depicted there could have taken place in that very field about which you so skillfully wrote. Best regards, Sid John.

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Michael Gale 08 March 2006

A poem with great imagery! A very good work of poetry.Excellent in writing and talent.My ballcap goes off to you. I'd have to give this a rating of fifteen, with ten being the highest. Well done and keep up the good work. God bless. With warm regards-Mike Gale.

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