A Basket Of Goodies Poem by sylvia spencer

A Basket Of Goodies

Rating: 5.0

Why do the the people call you Crabby
is it because your clothes are shabby.
Why have the people called you this awful name
I think their at fault and you are not to blame.
Your life is poor and you cannot afford to be
dressed in fine silks like some rich Lord.
I would like to know more about your sad life
maybe you can tell me if you have been a wife;
or a mother who has found it hard to survive.
Your face tells of sadness of long ago and your
hands tell of hard work, a full picture of woe.
Life has delt a hard blow, and it shows in your face
so why did you let ignorance take away your grace
You have your memories and know doubt you feel proud
so don't take any notice of the bickering crowd.
You have your castle on this park bench, but the
people won't get near you because of the stench.
This is a life you have chosen for yourself, a life of
sadness, poverty and most of all bad health.
I can leave you a basket of goodies every day
but you are a woman of the road and tomorrow
you will be on your way.

Dee Daffodil 24 February 2007

Sylvia...your compassion and good will shine through in this poem! ! Lovely..nicely done! Hugs, Dee

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Sandra Fowler 24 February 2007

Very poignant. A word picture of a sad lady who had it her way. Who would not be touched by her plight? Wonderful work, Sylvia. Love, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 24 February 2007

Sylvia, your kindness and compassion shine through your beautiful description of this sad homeless lady. You have given her dignity as well as povery and there is a wonderful feel for rhymning in the words you have chosen. Lovely lyrical piece. Warmly, Allie xxxx

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Melvina Germain 26 March 2007

Compassionate words from a very caring lady. Lliving on the street is very difficult. Many who do of course don't do it because of choice. They have become ill possibly mentally ill and society just doesn't have the room for them so they end up on the street. They don't pick up cigarette butts, ends of food or beg because they want to do this, they do it because they have to do this in order to survive. They look bad and smell bad, we tend to shy away from them. I think we have to remember that we are only one illness away in many cases from being homeless ourselves, one illness away, a very scary thought indeed. I love this poem, it touched my heart, I know many homeless people, we need to stop and talk to them, offer them a cup of coffee or a warm blanket, or as you so kindly stated a basket of goodies, it may be a small gesture but it means the world to them. I could go on and on but now is not the time. Keep writing Sylvia I enjoy your work.-Melvina-

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Lisa Wilkinson 02 March 2007

Argh bless you Sylvia, Im glad to have the privilege of reading your work. Your book still sits by my bed and often I read before laying my head. A giggle a treat and a comfort inside, when your words fill my mind sweet dreams come to mind. Oh that was off the top of my head! lol

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Scarlett Treat 28 February 2007

What a writer you are! ! As always, you see the story behind the person, and bring it to the front to our attention. Never one to look at the outward man, you see the inner soul! Beautifully done, My Rose!

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Duncan Wyllie 28 February 2007

What a truly compassionate piece this is, I think that it says so much about the writer Sylvia you have a kind heart and a beautiful way about your words All the best Love duncan X

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Francesca Johnson 24 February 2007

You are wondering about this sad lady's life...and it makes me wonder, too. How does someone get to that point? What makes someone turn their back on society? Or does society turn its back on THEM? A compassionate and caring piece, Sylvie. Love, Fran xxx

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