A Bats Tale Poem by sylvia spencer

A Bats Tale

Rating: 5.0

Dark shapes flitter in the dusk sky
but they are mammals, so why do they fly
The little furry flitter mouse that makes you jump
that clings on to a branch in one solid lump
they hang upside down in attics, trees and caves
then at sundown they take to the sky, so take a look
at the way it behaves. Eating up to three thousand
insects in a single night, but how can this be because
they have such poor eye sight.They find their prey by
echolocation, finding unseen objects by means of reflected
sound waves through the whole of the bat nation.
They are your garden friend, so don't think of the vampire
when the bat gives you a fright; he is just feeding his face with
the aphids that come out at night

Scarlett Treat 16 February 2007

What a charming tale...and certainly a new way to look at bats! Now, if I can just keep them out of my belfry! ! Well done!

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Ernestine Northover 16 February 2007

What a batty tale Sylvia. I know they are sweet creatures, but they do make one shiver when the swoop around in the dark. Lovely subject. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Sandra Fowler 19 February 2007

What a wonderful story, Sylvia. You have such a unique style. You are one of poemhunter's finest contributors. Love, From your sister and friend, Sandra

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David Desantis 23 April 2008

good work! I find myself not liking bats much however...they fly a little too near for me

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Melvina Germain 26 March 2007

Excellent poem Sylvia, I learn something here today. I definitely will think of bats in a different light now. Thankyou for sharing this information through a very well written poem Sylvia.---Melvina---

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Lisa Wilkinson 02 March 2007

Super Sylvia. I want one! Im back, hope to write another poem since yesterday and get going again. Lisa

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Duncan Wyllie 28 February 2007

I too love the thought of these small creatures, infact we should all try and do our best to see them in a better light Very well written and very well said Sylvia Love duncan X

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Francesca Johnson 24 February 2007

I like bats, they are amazing creatures, and this poem about them is lovely. I wasn't aware of their gargantuan appetites though - they wouldn't find much in my pocket-sized garden! I have to agree with Sandra - you have your very own style. Always a 'must' to read your poetry, Sylvie. Love, Fran xxx

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