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Say No To Bloodshed And Tyranny

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We all are creations
of the Holy Mother
Her gifted children
symbols of peace and unity
future of the mother earth.

Let us all in unison
pray with reverence to God
for giving us courage in bold
to face the vagaries of tiding time

and to teach us the mantras
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Dr.subhendu Kar 01 November 2007

yet a marvel that tells the love for humasnism and yet woes of terrorism as hurtful, great write, thanks for sharing

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rajagopal haran 01 November 2007

good; lets say no to bloodshed; keep writing

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Raveendran . 04 November 2007

Holy mother Kali! Beautiful prayer. The blessings of Tagore comes by.

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Alison Cassidy 04 November 2007

Thanks for standing up for peace and compassion Tarapada. We wielders of words must join forces to help save the world from bloodshed and tyranny. As you express so emphatically in your strong voice, we are all part of the one family. When one of us is hurt, we all bleed. Rage lyrically penned. love, Allie xxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 03 November 2007

I agree with Aldo completely, and yet I would also like to add that you have a wonderful vision for the future, , , a wonderful part of this poem was; 'Let the thorns stop pricking only the beatific fragrance of beautiful flowers be thine. ' Lovely words, thankyou Love duncan X

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Aldo Kraas 03 November 2007

I am sorry To tell you You are created by God God is our father We are created in his image We were not greated by Mother Nature Mother Nature belongs to God

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Ray Lucero 01 November 2007

Tarapada, Poignant and beautifully written. Your choice of words is terrific. I echo your call for an end to bloodshed. Peace, Ray

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