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To Me You Are A Ring Of Nectar

Rating: 4.4

To me you are a ring of nectar
a drooling moon in the wafting zephyr
a dream of golden rose in my slumber
Thou are a frolic fountain so near and so dear

My love is knotted all around you
my thoughts are wandered all about you
I love you with passion and piety
as the clouds cling on to the rainy drops
the dews squabble on the whorls of marigold

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Emancipation Planz 04 November 2007

Hmm to be young enough to 'love so blind from my heart to soul'.. foolishly remember those days... the heediness of it all... I love how love is knotted all around you... keep penning and loving One Peace at a time

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Alison Cassidy 04 November 2007

Your love of words is evident in this passionate poem of love and adoration. The poem is dotted with fine images of nature and the repetition of the first line helps shape the piece. Excellent poem. love, Allie xxxx

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 03 November 2007

Tarapada, Such a lovely poem! 10 from me... It is a melody of love. Dorothy

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Aldo Kraas 03 November 2007

This is one of your best poems I think you did a good job I believe that you are afraid to show your feelings I think you are insucure Maybe you think That people will write rude comments to you Believe sometimes they do Learn to trust them And learn to trust your instincts

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Ray Lucero 01 November 2007

Tarapada, Truly romantic and heartfelt. Peace, Ray

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