Dance Poem by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow


Rating: 4.5

I'll dance all night
I'll dance the pain away
I'll dance until the morning sun
Graces us with day

I'll dance until I'm numb
Until I don't feel anymore
I'll dance until I'm gone
And don't remember what I'm dancing for

I'll dance until you love me
I'll dance the rest of my life
I'll dance until you return
By the moon's gentle light

I'll dance to the music
Of my shattering heart
I'll dance until it doesn't hurt
As you tear me apart

Abby Sowers 30 May 2007

i may be young but i know a good poem when i see it This such a great poem. I can totally realate to it, For i would do all these things and feel all these things and i just love to dance. Dance the night away, Abby

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Katy Distenfeld 27 February 2007

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have been dancing for 10 years and it is my life!

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Castellenas John 19 March 2019

Nice flow of thoughts. The dance can make us dream and teach us sadness. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

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Anders Lim 26 October 2014

this is very very beautiful. very commendable piece, never stop writing :)

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Ace Cuttings 29 January 2009

wow... i can really feel the pain that you were going thru when you wrote this. i can totally relate. the second i go through something hard, i dance. no matter where i am, i dance. its nice. good job.

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Chris Biddle 13 October 2008

i love your poem! im a bboy myself so i can really relate!

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Charise Thideman 11 March 2008

i really like your poem. I've been dancing my whole life and can really relate to this. just wondering, can I use this poem for my english class? I'm suposed to pick a poem to use in a project, and i really like this one. let me know if you'ld rather me not. great poem! Charise

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