At Peace Poem by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

At Peace

Rating: 4.9

That night I laid beside you
With one hand upon your heart
It beat ever so gently
As we laid there in the dark
For hours we spoke
Only with honesty and truth
Somewhere between our words
I fell in love with you
We spoke in quiet whispers
Careful not to wake our friends
As they slept we had conversation
That seemed to know no end
You told me of your weakness
Of your fears and your past
I shared with you the stories
Of the loves that could not last
For once I was contempt
Just to have someone there
Somehow in that conversation
I let myself open up and care
My heart ceased it's breaking
And my mind laid to rest
Your eyes brought me smiles
While your heartbeat eased my breath
For the first time I was happy
Happy to have someone to hold
As I wrapped you tight in my arms
To shield you from the cold
As the sun began to rise
In the window it shined through
You pulled me ever closer
And I fell asleep, At Peace, with you

Jon Alan 16 September 2007

I cannot say it better than Tranquil Ocean. and finally a poem where you seem to take Love as well as give Love.

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Tranquil Ocean 18 January 2007

The poem is as smooth as velvet skin and the emotions barefaced and beautiful... Well Done! ! TO

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