Tears of sorrow ...

Rookie (i have died a long time ago, yet i still walk in the living / I was born in darkness)

Tears of sorrow ... Poems

1. Men 7/12/2006
2. Which? 2/21/2007
3. Yo Soy La Muerte 6/26/2007
4. La Rosa De La Muerte 6/26/2007
5. Soy 7/5/2007
6. Papi Porque? 7/30/2007
7. Love A Mere Thought 10/8/2007
8. Let's Show Them! 3/11/2008
9. Smile A Ture Smile 1/27/2010
10. Papi Mis Heridas 7/30/2007
11. Here Alone 11/2/2010
12. Mommy 7/22/2007
13. My Brother 8/3/2007
14. May I Sleep 12/23/2007
15. Time 7/13/2006
16. My Feelings 6/16/2006
17. Our God 6/16/2006
18. My Sorrow 6/17/2006
19. These Wings 6/20/2006
20. Simple And Clean 6/20/2006
21. Smile Freely 4/18/2010
22. How Wrong You Are Daddy 2/28/2008
23. Love And Hate 8/1/2007
24. Little Did I Know 12/23/2007
25. Candle 7/22/2007
26. Lost Broken Soul 2/21/2007
27. The Future Can'T Be Changed 6/16/2006
28. Let Me Cry 2/28/2007
29. I Am Death 6/26/2007
30. Shadow 9/17/2006
31. What's Love 6/24/2006
32. Death 6/17/2006
33. Kill Me 7/31/2006
34. Da Me Tu Corazón 7/5/2007
35. Demon 3/19/2008
36. Embrace Me Till Death 8/25/2006
37. Dark Season 2/17/2008
38. Humanitys' Soul 6/16/2006
39. Ha Don'T Make Me Laugh 2/28/2007
40. Death Is Here, To Night 7/20/2006

Comments about Tears of sorrow ...

  • Revelinho Penda Katjire Revelinho Penda Katjire (4/1/2012 9:37:00 AM)

    ur poems are very good and i feel the emotions in them, keep it up... Hope u get to read my poem because i actually just posted 1 and want to know what people think...

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  • Silly Artist (9/21/2011 11:16:00 AM)

    Yay! Another poet who loves anime (^_^) . I've been reading your poems and they're great (^_^)
    I hope that you'll read my poems in return. Great work =D

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  • Juan Olivarez Juan Olivarez (6/13/2011 5:00:00 PM)

    You poems in spanish are pretty bad. You need to be more proficient in, El castllano.

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  • prince nightmare ~feeling free~ (3/11/2008 11:25:00 AM)

    your poems are nice good job you like anime what kind thanks for reading this names koji or reggie which ever one you like

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Best Poem of Tears of sorrow ...

Are You Truly Happy?

Is one able to smile when told to?
Is one truly happy with their life as it is right now?
Can you smile when asked if you are happy?
One can say he is content with life.
Yet there is that thought that lingers on his mind.
'I am content, but not happy.'
Yet if he were to say such a thing
He would be looked upon ungrateful when he truly is not.
Yet he has no choice but to lie those around him.
And put on a fake smile when it's truly a frown.
Do you not feel that empty void in your heart? In your life?
As each passing day goes by
As time moves forward ...

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Our God

The man within the man
The love within the love
The sen within the sen
If love can kill,
then hate can save
Don't you think?