20/20 The Blind Have No Trouble Seeing The Darkness Poem by Ted Sheridan

20/20 The Blind Have No Trouble Seeing The Darkness

Rating: 4.5

Who can understand
what we feel inside
When we gaze into the eyes
of the shadows
To which we subscribe as members
Of this dark and lonely world

Constantly turning round
while friction builds
Like rats in a tool shed
we die and are replaced
Never again to taste the bait
that lured us to our fate
Before we found the words and will to save
this dark and lonely world

Described as truth by one man
questioned and doubted by others
Remembered in short
by no one
The deeds of mankind are
shadows to us all
Whose eyes we capture
upon the walls
While searching for our place in this
dark and lonely world

Held empty in meaning and
failing to comprehend
We play the game to its end
we're always trying to win
Salvation for ourselves
while the world
goes on dancing
and picture postcards sell
The meaning of a life
to which we subscribe
As members of those shadows
in a dark and lonely world
And somehow we do manage to survive
and somehow we do manage to surmise

What lies behind those eyes
Fatalistically speaking of course.....

Ronald Stroman 09 February 2007

When one sees with their mind, one's 'eyes' has back-up. Ofte I use my 'hands' to see how beautiful a Woman can truly be.

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Sara Coslett 17 February 2007

This is brilliant Ted. Your poetic mind is as sharp as ever. Good to see you publishing online again. ~ Sara

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Chris Mendros 06 June 2007

Nice examination of individual plight in a largely indifferent and artificial world. Nice work.

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Ken E Hall 28 January 2009

A poem that belongs in the forever file -you carve your words out of darkness and we do survive this lonely planet,10 plus regards

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Min Sia 09 November 2008

True poem comes from true poet. Indeed, this masterpiece holds to reality..

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John Tiong Chunghoo 16 October 2008

it rings so true ted.

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Marci Made 26 July 2007

What an excellent write on the darker side of life through which most of us all pass through at one time or another, some more than others.....Guess in the end it's all about a four letter word to get us through the dark days and nights our souls may encounter~~~~HOPE........... love, marci.xo

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Scarlett Treat 05 July 2007

'and somehow we manage to survive...this dark and lonely world.' How, you ask? By searching, and continuing to search...for if we give up, we die...in this 'dark and lonely world! ! ' Fantastic!

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