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Dozens Of Memories

Like a scar
from a forgotten wound,
for some from the one they love,
others for the one they left.

Lady In Red

She smiles and
Walk like a run-way model
Red shoes and a sweet red lips
That made every hearts blinked.

Ghetto Citizen 1

I am the pampered son of Mother Nature
Who dwells in beauty and abundant riches
Created and affiliated in mind but not
In the real world of mine


I feel tickles from her touches
Kisses and caresses
Blown me away from myself
Like the tornadoes of the North

I Am

I am the sky, the moon
And the stars
Look up to me
When all hope is lost

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Am inspired by the most silent of things as well as the loud ones but most especially i try my best to see i like a poem myself before exposing to other people to see and as well show me where my flaws are as no one is perfect.

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