Single Dad Poem by Terry Donovan

Single Dad

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Single Dad

The kids grew up without a mum around,
I had to play a double roll instead;
I often tripped while travelling strange ground
But somehow they were clothed and washed and fed!
Most times they had to go without a lot
And often made the most of second best,
But they were satisfied with what they got
And always held their own among the rest.
But we were happy - that's a great big yes
And made it through the shadows as a team;
We had our failures but we found success,
We had our nightmares, but we made our dream.
It all seems very long ago somehow
And worth it, too - for you should see them now!

Chuck Audette 12 March 2009

10+ for you then (in raising your chicks without a hen) . -chuck

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Ency Bearis 22 October 2008

I consider them heroes...I salute them that they carry the weight alone.. Ency Bearis

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Lynda Robson 22 October 2008

Its hard bringing children up in a two parent family, so I admire you for bringing up your children alone, and this poem shows your trials and tribulations but it also shows your love and devotion to them, I'm sure they have made you proud, 10 Lynda xx

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Terry Donovan

Terry Donovan

Amersham, Buckinghamshire
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