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Thomas Love Peacock was born in 1785, in Dorset, at Weymouth. He was the son of a glass merchant, who died three years after he was born. He was raised at his grandfather's house in Chertsey, by his mother. Despite the fact that his formal schooling ended before his teens (he never attended a university), it is important to note that he read widely ...

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11 November 2014

A book that furnishes no quotations is, me judice, no book—it is a plaything.

11 November 2014

Respectable means rich, and decent means poor. I should die if I heard my family called decent.

11 November 2014

Marriage may often be a stormy lake, but celibacy is almost always a muddy horsepond.

11 November 2014

The waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity.

11 November 2014

I never failed to convince an audience that the best thing they could do was to go away.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 June 2021

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen as The Poet Of The Day, dear great poet.

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Ellie 05 March 2018

Good poems but can they be limericks

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The Best Poem Of Thomas Love Peacock

Beyond The Sea

Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
My heart is gone, far, far from me;
And ever on its track will flee
My thoughts, my dreams, beyond the sea.

Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
The swallow wanders fast and free:
Oh, happy bird! were I like thee,
I, too, would fly beyond the sea.

Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
Are kindly hearts and social glee:
But here for me they may not be;
My heart is gone beyond the sea.

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Thomas Love Peacock Popularity

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