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Beyond The Sea

Rating: 3.4

Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
My heart is gone, far, far from me;
And ever on its track will flee
My thoughts, my dreams, beyond the sea.

Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
The swallow wanders fast and free:
Oh, happy bird! were I like thee,
I, too, would fly beyond the sea.

Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
Are kindly hearts and social glee:
But here for me they may not be;
My heart is gone beyond the sea.

Hazyphisky A 28 September 2005

this poem is really nice

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Tapan M. Saren 22 April 2017

What a lovely poem this is...!

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* Sunprincess * 28 June 2014

............very nicely written...a lovely poem with a nice rhyme...

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Brian Jani 04 June 2014

Nice one Thomas i enjoyed every bit

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Randomperson 22 February 2018

You idiot, he's dead, and so is Lewis Carroll and John Keats and Wandsworth and Whitman and so many others that you comment on as if they were alive, they've been dead for AGES, literally.

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Myrtle and Roses 24 June 2007

This poem expresses what i have always felt it seems... But i have found the way to be that bird, and live beyond the sea. Thank you Neptune

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Allenika ... 19 April 2006

hey i like this poem, nice

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