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I keep it all inside
I keep it close to my side
For If I lose it all

Are you out there?
Are you really for me?
Are you just like me?
Will you love me unconditionally?

Oh my, oh mother
Oh my, oh mother
Where would you be?
Without the love

If I told you, would you listen?
Would you even understand?
Would you even care?

I woke up today thinking i'd be smart
but then you came around
words I meant to say got lost
silence has a deafining sound

He walks up to the next prisoner in line
He felt sorry for him
Staring at this man, with his hair cut short and his blue eyes sorrowful, he felt a sharp pang of guilt
He knew this man and he would be the one to end his life

Modest and shy
Meticulous and reliable
Practical and diligent


I remember when I thought I lost myself
When I was five I first started my education
When I was ten I was screaming with joy because I was finally two numbers

She is an old building, left alone to rot
Her body shows age quickly coming, but is covered with a thin shine of paint
Her soul is a swamp, a mix of mysterious and dark feelings
She walks around with bandages on her heart, unoticed

-Innocence & Madness-

Innocence written in warm blood on the cold tile floor of the bleach white bathroom.
The girl sat, hunched over,


I have lived in silence too long
Can anyone see it?


Sad eyes light up when we walk in
Aged lightning blue eyes search

Her voice breaks on a complaint
She was furiously mad and yet she wanted to plant a sweet kiss on him
She watched him yell enraged

Sadness is like the bones, holding the insides together
Happiness doesn't exist
Cutting my wrists is like a summer day
My sanity is like an old forgotten dog

Baby it's you
Who I think about every second
Baby it's you
Who I want to touch every moment

She spent her life worrying over everyone
She spent her days trying to get her kids the life they wanted
She spent her nights trying to convince her husband not to leave
She tried everything

What happened to everyone just wanting peace? Not starting wars with your allies
What happend to make having a child a burden? Not a blessing
What happened to us being together? Not against one another
What happened to 'Live for Life'? Not 'Live for Death'

The whole scene is perfect:
Blood everywhere
Hand prints on the wall
Body in the back yard, burning on the stake

She lies to her parents to protect her guilt
She lies to her boyfriend to protect their relationship
She lies to her friends to protect her sanity
She lies to herself to protect her innocence

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I am 14 years old and I am currently not noticed but thats ok. I have no idea what I want to be in life but if i'm good enough, then maybe I could consider poetry as a career, not that anyone would care. Anywho I am currently a loser so you probablly dont want to hear about that. bye.)

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I keep it all inside
I keep it close to my side
For If I lose it all
Heaven knows I'll die

I let it go
I breathe it in
It keeps coming back
For it is my sin

It's burned in me
It haunts me day & night
Carved into my core
It is my only sight

It's the only thing I know
It's all that is me
It's the only emotion I show
I wish I could be free


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I love your poems (and their titles) . I read them all! No one with this much talent could ever be a loser! Keep writing because you've really got something going for you. Message me when you write more please!

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Kamilah Walker 26 March 2009

wow! i'm sure everyone can relate to your poem i surely can!

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