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The stars in my eyes,
They reflect the one man who gave me love.
The taste of my lips,
Lingers of your sweet delicious lips.

So many burns,
Burnss that make me fall more in love.
My love,
It burns within my heart.

The darkness in the air looms,
As the fear comes, the tears start to comsume.
My body trembles and shakes as the world comes to a hault,
I shake in fear from the guilt in fault.

What have I done,
Without you?
Let me see.....
I watched a candle burn out,

Kissing me gently,
Whispering in my ear.
'I love you, '
'I know, honey.'

A gain with the pain,
B eing left alone.
C rying in the rain,
D escending like stone.

You help me when I am sad,
Comfort me when I am alone.
You're there when I have cravings,
Sweeter than anything I've ever known.

I want to marry him,
This one guy I truly love.
Nothing else my heart shall win,
Nothing else wanted, from the Father above.

We live so far apart,
I hope I can still get to your heart.
You have gotten to mine, there's no going back,
Love is no longer something I lack.

People steal,
And people hate.
They go to hell,
And wonder why it’s their fate.

He ripped my heart in two halves,
No more kisses, hugs or laughs.
My heart was one, now it's two,
This poem is real and 100% true.

You are my Mickey to my Minnie,
My Donald to my Daisy.
Baby, I love you,
You don't know how you amaze me.

I hate the way you talk,
And how you flip your hair.
I hate the way you walk,
I even hate the way you care.

Let’s play said he,
Which way said she.
Like this said he,
You missed said she.

Each night,
I see those beautiful stars, you call eyes.
It reminds me,
Of the very first time we met.


For the talking to
stop: Shut your

Yesterday you were here,
Today you were gone.
Yesterday you promised to be near,
But tomorrow waited too long.

You + Me = Happiness,
You + Me = Love.
Love + Happiness = Togetherness,
You + Me = Tenderness.

love you,
Henry, you're so sweet.
Today, a year ago, you died,
You accepted defeat.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue.
I love you with all my heart,
And you love me too.

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I am now 17 and love to write. I have not posted anything on here recently. I have just gotten out of a 3 year relationship... I was cheated on. Anywho, I am not a great writer but I love to do it. I play 2 sports now: volleyball and softball. I am a junior. Well, read my writing and comment :) gracias mis amigos mejores :) (thank you my best friends))

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Un Named

The stars in my eyes,
They reflect the one man who gave me love.
The taste of my lips,
Lingers of your sweet delicious lips.
The numbness of my fingers,
Still trace your every curve, even though you're no longer here.
It's ringing,
The sounds of laughter together.
That sweet aroma,
Surrounding me with the remnants of your cologne.

But I have made those stars shine,
And I realize that you gave me lust not love.
I have brushed my teeth,
And the mintiness washes out your taste.
My fingers have retained their feelings,
And your curves are only indents in the sheets, that say you're here.
The ringing,
It's finally stopped, and has become a deafening squeal.
That sweet stench,
The remnants remain only in memories and the past.

My stars shine brightly,
And the fires of my love are set ablaze.
My mouth,
Now fresh and renewed with no after taste.
My fingers are perfect,
And the sheets are ready for the next man who wishes to cuddle.
That annoying squeal,
Stopped completely and all is quiet.
The memories and the past,
It's all gone and now is never going to appear again

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gone dixie 02 May 2012

A beautiful soul with a lot going for her

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This young poet has a lot of skill. and a big heart!

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