The Love Of A Beautiful Woman Poem by tinashe severa

The Love Of A Beautiful Woman

Rating: 3.5

A beautiful woman
before your eyes may seem fine
her aura as intoxicating as wine
within her
are thoughts as sour as lime
her intentions
those of a snake in a vine
her eyes shine
beckoning you into her lire
setting your heart and loins on fire
be wary
she might just show you how it feels to be in the middle of a bonfire

the love of a beautiful woman
flows into you like a desert river
..its stay is long enough only to forge painful memories
the love of a beautiful woman
is as mesmerising as the african sunset
and darkness falls over you

Ernestine Northover 29 October 2005

That's pretty hot stuff Tinashe, hope you are wiser the next time. Sincerely Ernestine Northover

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Karina . 29 October 2005

I agree with Faith, this is a Great poem with 'style and grace'!

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Faith Elizabeth Brigham 29 October 2005

Relax, Max...of course, it isn't always this way...but i do believe the author has truly captured what it's like when it is...and done it with style and grace! ! !

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Max Reif 29 October 2005

powerful images. Hope it's not *always* this way, though.

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tinashe severa

tinashe severa

harare, zimbabwe
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