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Poem hunter is fun
even more fun than a gun
I am gonnah come
Here every day

She lies sleeping so still
I look at her so sublime
I think she loves me
but I still have to kill.

I hate to fly
And do you know why
You stand in huge line
For three hours

it tortures and consumes me
I can not see a way out
I scream and shout
It dwells within me

Dave is upset
I wonder can I get
Him a nice cup of tea
To make him happy?

Post traumatic stress disorder
I something I have been diagnosed with
This is something I have to live with
Every day I have to live on the border

Hell is a place I have to go
Hell is a place that I truly know
I have to go to hell
I have to hear that ringing bell

Back from holiday
I had a great time
Now I am back here with a moan
Back to the grind stone

this poem is sh1t
Because I wrote it
I took a fit
My tongue, Waawaa, I bit it

sitting on bended knee
waiting for the next technique
Watching as Sensei shows
How things go

He was wet
His clothes soaked
You know I bet
He just pissed himself

Big and loud
always sticks out in a crowd
Shouting and larey
yet is always wary

Never a stranger, up beat tai
Good old Dave is always close by
I think I made a few friends here
Even though I sometimes fear

Going to therapy
this is supposed to make me happy
I sometimes get very angry
and for me this is a worry

I want to walk the other side
Have others taste the tears I've cried
This need in me will not subside
So to the dark I run and hide

His plum's where hanging just below the knee
For all the rest to see
The old man was not so shy
And gave all the nurses the wink and eye

I yawn
He goes on
I let it be
He lets fly

He sits atop its porcelain
his face red and sweaty
his newspaper welcoming his intuition
His breath hot and clean

from a sea of dreams
reality crashes through.
Through the whispering leaves
Autumn makes things new

My love is the one and only
She is going to leave me alone, so lonely
She is travelling to the country Corfu
But only for a week or two

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P0em Hunter

Poem hunter is fun
even more fun than a gun
I am gonnah come
Here every day
to have fun and play
and to make every one think I am dumb

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Matthias Geraci 06 January 2006

this is all wrong you need serious help! and apparently a lot more people do too because there shouldn't be a single person that feels the way you do!

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