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Tree of Memory

Endlessly it continues
Seed o' the war-thirst



I passionately fear you with awe
Even though I take you while raw.

How Time Flies

94 years ago,
We gather to celebrate

Under same battlement
Without retirement
With resentments
Sprayed on rents

When The Wine Got Exhausted

There, in the congregation, I sat
Thinking in snatches and so, lost

So Sorry A Sight.

As days dissolve into nights
And seasons chameleon to centuries,


The truant of existence.
Severally registering appearance,

Oh Nigeria,
My father land
So blessed a land
To the penury of her children.

On this coal of fire I sit,
Patiently, like a hen on a line
Museling about this socio-malady
That makes a man bleats

Syberitic Pearl

Dark, in my lowly solitude state,
I see in your world a tender arm,

Noise of Silence

Just like a ship that runs aground
Catastophe awaits the undiligent

The street is filled with desert'
Curfew hold-ups the pedest'
A regal redeployment
Conjesting illegal employment

A battle of witts
On the grounds of inscription
Where men lay wreaths
On a peg o' instruction

On a Love Train.

He that sits on the horse
With sheol storming his clause

Death Be Not Proud.

The Lord said to my lord
Sit at my right hand

I begin to ponder on wonders
The rhetoric of petitio pricippi
Reposed like plague on Esu
Hither-to-fore accused of guilt

The Coat of Crime

The dew waters faster like a slug,
Here on the dry island I habitate

Songs On The Tablet (Epitaph)

Here sleeps a charismatic enigma,
So reverend a messiahic personality

Slowly it came
From the Atlantic,
Like a rush of mighty wind,
Hurried; struck; stole away:

Like Paul, Like Silas

In this dungeon I lay, lips sealed,
Waiting patiently for an angel

Tosin Abegunde Biography

Popularly known and addressed as RESOLUTE DON NAVIGATOR, Oluwatosin Israel Adesina Alani, ABEGUNDE, Senior Advocate of Nigerian Students [SANS], Senior Advocate of the Masses [SAM] and Grand Commander of Aluta Forces [GCAF], is an intelligent young man of many parts, humble, brilliant, outstanding, diligent, pragmatic and resolute. He was born on April 13th,1985 in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, Nigeria to the family of a retired and one time World Boxing Champion, Mallam Adesina Saka Abegunde. Oluwatosin had a mixed religious experience as his mother was a fanatic member of Celestial Church of Christ [C.C.C], a white garment church founded in September 29th,1947 by the Africa's Greatest Evangelist ever and a world class prophet, Prophet Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa, the pastor, prophet and founder, C.C.C worldwide. This has helped him understand the concept of God from both Christian and Islamic world view. Even as a christian, he partakes in all islamic activities, as believes that we all serve one God. As parts of his experiences in the academic world, young Tosin was taken to a creche as a toddler at Muslim Nursery and Primary School, Isinkan, Akure (1990 - 1991) . Later, he proceeded to Mc Bobson Nursery and Primary School, located at 53, Tuyi Street, Ayedun Quarters, Akure, Ondo State (1991 - 1996) , where he sat, as the PRESIDENT of Literary and Debate Society of his school, for his Common Entrance Examination (State and Federal) where he emerged as the best candidate in Ondo State (Federal exam) . Having scored the highest mark in Ondo State, he was offered admission at Kings College, Lagos, Nigeria but had to consider his admission at Oyemekun Grammar School, the best public secondary school in Ondo State due to its proximity. There, In OGSA, he was a member of the Oyemekun Grammar School Broadcasting Corporation (OGSBC) , an inbuilt-campus broadcasting station where he serve as a Presenter, News Caster, News Editor and the VICE PRESIDENT of the Club and later, the first PRESIDENT of Ondo State Press Club in Secondary Schools. In 2006, DON NAVIGATOR gained admission to study Mass Communication in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, [RUGIPO] Nigeria formerly Ondo State Polytechnic, Owo. He was the Political Editor, RUGIPO DIGEST- a publication of the polytechnic, CHAIRMAN, Presidential Advisory Committee of the department, the Faculty CHIEF JUDGE and PRESIDENT Students' Union Stakeholders Government. He later become the PRESIDENT of the defunct Ondo State Students in Politics in 2007. In 2011, he was offered admission to study English Studies, in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria where he served as the General Secretary of the Faculty of Arts Students Association, [FASA] and subsequently contested as the PRESIDENT of the Students' Union Government in 2014. He is the founder of DON NAVIGATOR INITIATIVES, AFROCENTRIC LITERATUS SERIES CELESTIAL GLORY EVANGELICAL MINISTRIES among others. Tosin Abegunde is a renowned poet, script writer, actor, editor, director, singer, MC, advertising practitioner, public speaker, crusader of justice, and a teacher par excellence. He is an activist, a literary icon and a humanitarian. He has also served as a reporter to Nigerian Television Authority [NTA], Akure. Oluwatosin is a man of impeccable character who has the love of his people at heart and is ever ready to fight to the last, every form of oppression, tyrany, injustice, corruption and unfair treatment of the masses, irrespective of the language, tribe, race or creed the person belongs to. He believes in an egalitarian society which in his own philosophy he belives would enhance the world peace. He serves as the PRESIDENT Celestial Students Drama Family world wide. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the potential PRESIDENT of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Resolute Oluwatosin Israel, ABEGUNDE, a.k.a DON NAVIGATOR.)

The Best Poem Of Tosin Abegunde

Tree Of Memory

Tree of Memory

Endlessly it continues
Seed o' the war-thirst
Sown in snatches
Secular; serial; spelt:

Witches wishing wish
Which witch wish'll
Wake willful wither
Without weary wink?

Tortoise's travelogue
Twinkle twilight tale,
Time tangled terrain
Tendin' towards trash.
Two too terrible templates!

Fair fowl foul-play
Faecing fryers' forks
Fastens final funeral.

So is s/he that spoils:
With time, is seen
O'ertaken by a light;
Give to failed reward:
So scary somersault!

Money making men
Marginalizing mindsets:
We scatter to gather;
But truth's left untold.
More haste; less speed:
Sacred shaky secret.

To trigger thoughts,
Minds must be mend'd
Stones, be all turned
One to dread another
Better acipe than dabotibi
Else, old tale repeats.

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To whom brain is given sense is expected

The majority will have their way and the minority will have their say

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Tosin Abegunde Popularity

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