Removing You From Poemhunter Poem by Trade Martin

Removing You From Poemhunter

Rating: 3.5

It’s a total waste of time……,
Having you on PoemHunter…..,
No one reads your stupid stuff…..,
Well not no one…..,
At least Aldo Kraas does read you….,
From time to time……,
And that nut-case Howlin’ Dervish…..,
Just makes fun of you constantly…..,
But besides that….,
Though it’s all the gospel truth….,
You have been making…..,
Lots of horrible negative comments…..,
About your own ridiculous writing….,
And we keep getting complaints….,
From other readers…..,
That it’s almost summertime….,
And you’re still composing…..,
Stupid “Global Warming” Christmas poems…..,
About Santa and your tree…..,
We also hate your hairdo….,
And your face too…..,
So T.M., you dumb, jerky, weirdo…,
You’re on notice….,
Hillary Clinton, Al Gore.….,
And PoemHunter want you outa here…..,
Pronto…., ASAP…..! ! !

(But where do I go from here…., back home to momma…? ? ?
….she hates my poems too and don’t want me either….! ! !)

David Taylor 05 March 2007

Well Done, Good Write, Great Sentiment!

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Marci Made 12 June 2007

'Baby, baby, please don't go......' as someone once sang. PH would be dull with no one to entertain us so you cannot go you must remain to cheer us up and make us laugh all of us mean i matters not one bit if we be on the left or right! ! ! marci.xo

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Chris Mendros 13 March 2007

Guess somebody had to say it. Sad but true. G'bye, cruel world!

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Christinne Radu 05 March 2007

Funny and true. Keep it goin' coz too many ppl post in vain on this site and noone seems to pay attention and make the rite selection.

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Original Unknown Girl 05 March 2007

Have to agree wholeheartedly about Aldo that is, I'm sure you're not THAT bad TM (LOL!) ..... well done for writing what others have thought about for so long! ! (And not about you! !) Great poem! ! HG: -) xx

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David Taylor 05 March 2007

Well Done, Good Write, Great Sentiment!

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